26 September 2012


This post it a little too late, but anyways, a good advice is a good advice no matter where or when. Yay!

The recent 'movie' called 'Innocence of Muslims' has received worldwide attention recently and naturally, it sparked a violent outrage across the Muslim world. From this point forward, I will refer the 'movie' as Thing because the directing itself and the storyline is an insult to the average human intellect. Thing's quality as a film was so disgustingly poor that I felt stupider for every second that I spent watching a small portion of it.

So basically, Thing tried to paint a non-realistic picture of Prophet Muhammad (p.b.u.h)'s life. It was clear that whatever the purpose of producing Thing might be, it was definitely not to educate. A very distorted understanding of history coupled with a heart full with hatred towards the great man came out with this idea of a movie. Nevertheless, it should not, in the first place, received such attention from the international community. Simply because it's quality was so poor.

My condolences goes to the embassy of U.S.A for the death of her ambassador. It was not America's fault that there are bigots in their 300 million population nor it was Islam's fault if in our community there are extremists. Those who understand the teachings of Islam will never commit such act.

"Be angry for the Prophet (pbuh), but with the etiquette and manners of the Prophet (pbuh)."
As usual, every time such insult were thrown to Islam, Muslims all around the world will come out in massive demonstrations in every corner of the Muslim world showing to the world how angry we are. We will demand the perpetrator(s) be executed, and we will demand the destruction of America. It was the same script all over again.

And there will be douchebags who will defend the act under the name of freedom of speech.

We muslims should be reminded that the enemies of Islam do not fear the burning tyres, they fear the crowded mosques.

Prophet Muhammad s.a.w was a noble man who empathize, who thinks before he act, who loves others for the sake of Allah. These are the characters that should exist in every man in the 21st century. Not burning tyres, not angry mobs and definitely not killing senselessly, these are definitely NOT the teachings of Islam.

Thank you, random Muslim NGOs in the UK for distributing books explaining to the people the real story, the real personality of our beloved Prophet. Thank you, various contemporary Muslim celebrities and scholars who voiced out against the injustice that was carried out in Libya. Thank you, amazing Muslims all around the world who think rationally and reminded everyone that it doesn't matter how many times we demonstrated our anger, the most important thing is that we ourselves practice the teachings of Islam to the heart.

Before we take our anger to them (i.e. they who do not understand Islam) we should look into ourselves, are we adequate to call ourselves a Muslim? 

12 September 2012


It's a week before my departure to reality. A week to do whatever I like whenever I like, without to worry about anything. Still, this year's summer has been excellent. Although after raya I was booked on every weekends, it was worth it. It seems everything is not as hectic as in should be when you just try to take things less seriously. Go with the flow you might say!

From Melaka to Negri Sembilan to rural parts of Selangor to random parts of the northern states, it was all about traveling, and those visits has cracked open a huge window in my closed of world. Imagine, what a trip, just withing West Malaysia. This year's summer is all about three things, Raya, weddings, and travel.

Raya, like I posted before is extra special as this year we welcome a new member of the family, my new sister-in-law. Everyone was home in KL this year as it was our turn to gather, and for a long time since ever, we had a colored theme baju raya, which is purple.

I remembered my brothers used to be these hot-headed scums who will never admit that they were wrong and will not miss a chance to shoot others down. Apparently, marriage (or maybe the new women in their lives) has everything to do with it, because they are now happier and much less cranky. Obviously, the one you love can do that to a person.

A tiring trip to the north for my cousin's wedding, of which if I had the power back then I would insist of not going, but it turned out to be not as wasting as I expected. A trip to the north, although indeed tiring (I almost fell asleep while driving) could be the start of a new relation. May Allah ease our path.

Note to self : If I have enough money to buy a car, I would install a radio with a USB port, because stupid Malay radio kept playing the same raya songs over and over again for over a week. It's depressing in one hand, and it's tiring on the other.

And then we had my brother's wedding, nothing much to say here, same ol' same ol' like the previous functions we had before, only on larger scale and more people, only this time I got that exciting feeling that it's gonna be MY wedding next time. Yay! Oh Congrats Apito for his wedding :)

A trip to Melaka and Negri Sembilan, a two-day trip that ended up to be three, because KL had a heavy downpour and the train tracks were severely damaged, which left me stranded in Nilai. Thank God I have super rich friends. Melaka was amazing, even without Mahkota Parate, Dataran Pahlawan or the A'Famosa.

Jeram Toi was also amazing, worth every second as we got stuck in traffic in the middle of Seremban. Thanks to Husni's new DSLR, we got amazing shots indeed. A great conversation we had with this idiot.

H: Kamera nak pakai kamera siapa?
Aiman: Kamera Olympus kau la kan?
H: *Sengih* *Took out a brand new Nikon DSLR*
Me: Bau kedai!

And then we went to Rohingya School in Cheras, paintaing murals in their devastated-looking 'school' of a three-storey shop-lot building. I was given the opportunity to handle a slot on ice-breaking. What a experience that was, my throat went sore for a few days as I screamed my lungs out haha. We played games, we got to know each other. A lot to say here, maybe next time.

Learned a lot during those two days, especially about the issue on hand. The number of Muslims in Myanmar is about 4% of total population, and the Rohingyas made up less than 1% of it. What do you say about that?

May Allah bless them, May Allah clear up their path and made them fully-functioning human beings.

Amazing summer, I can't wait for next year's :)
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