31 May 2012


Storyline A
Ahmed goes to the grocery store to buy some snacks.

Storyline B
Ahmed, a legendary war general from the south, while wearing a full-set of a starship troopers costume went on a journey to The Promised Land despite all the warnings, but he was fore-warned! He defeated the dragons on the Silk Path, he heroically broke down the Golden Gate, and with such bravery he managed to bring food to his people.

Now, what can we see from the first story line? Before we go deep into the differences let us indulge ourselves with the similarities. 

Both stories used the same character, Ahmed.
Both characters went on a journey.
Both characters are looking for food.

These are the essence of the story, the main idea that the writer is trying to convey. Other riff-raffs are only magnifications and extravagant choice of colorful vocabularies to make the story more appealing to the readers. And voila, Harry Potter series was born, Game of Thrones became a #1 New York Bestseller, The Hunger Games went from one pair of hands to another. Why though?

Because no one wants to read a story about a boy who lived in the cupboard under the stairs and dies insignificantly. No one wants to know who ended up on the throne between a cookie-loving family of accountants. And who cares whether a girl marries her dream guy or not, but if you add sparkly toothless vampires and sexy werewolves to the mix, now that's a book worth dying for.

Life is a stage where we make up stories and adventures to make it more interesting. Remember when we were kids, when we went with our parents to the mall, and we pretended the aisles were dark path filled with demons, or the tiles were step of stones crossing a bowl of hot boiling lava? Just as we were imaginative when we were eight years old, we are still as such, after fifteen years of growing up.

Life is just not as interesting without the drama, isn't it?

The only difference is that in the adult world we make-up stories that is directly related to our daily lives. And by doing so the people around us are victimised, so the simplest of problem can be exaggerated as the third world war. Imagine, some dirty dishes can become 'his lazy ass not doing any work in the house'. Or someone trying to hang his clothes to dry on an inappropriate time can be 'a very rude gesture worthy of eternal damnation'. 

This is what we do, instead of fixating on the truth, we exaggerate. We prefer to focus on the ugly side of life, and make it real instead of reminiscing on the beautiful parts which of course are aplenty to look for. Of course, sometimes our problems are real but our reactions are usually over-the-top. The existence of certain technology doesn't help the case. The abundant availability of chick flicks picturing a non-existing perfect man in a non-existing perfect world, the easy-access Twitter which provide an endless space to bitch, and the non-stop sad and dramatic supply of love songs. 

Because sometimes, overreaction is the source of the problem itself.

22 May 2012


Experience is indeed the best teacher. Experience taught us to be critical, to feel, to judge. So far the wisest of friends I have met during this barely twenty-two years of life are those who have went through a lot, have learned a lot, have suffered a lot.

There are also a psychological condition called scotoma, where the eye sees what it wishes to see. In love, we prefer to create a make-believe world to live in where the sky has always been blue, and pearl-white winged unicorns give us a ride to the medical school every time the heart wishes. In life, as anger build up within we see the things that magnify the rage, instead of the opposite to lax the heart.

Basically, we are naturally bias.

In medicine, a wise paediatrician once said that the first diagnosis that comes to mind is always the wrong one. Throughout the years as a medical student, I was taught to consider every possibility from every angle of a situation. In short, anything can be everything, and nothing is absolute. Thousands of years of civilisation, we are still lack of understanding the causes of certain diseases to occur. For instance, just today we learned about eclampsia, the etiology is generally unknown.

So as we go through the clues of a case, we will include and exclude information to reach a single, correct diagnosis. The only problem is that our mind must always be free before we make any conclusion because if we are set on a disease, our mind will pave the way into that specific direction, we will subconsciously create certain condition to prove our theory.

Yes, men are bias. 

Men are bias towards the things they understand more. We are leaning a little towards the things that we are more familiar. This is a natural trait of every human being, to side with something we feel more comfortable with. In turn, this trait will cloud our judgment.

What makes the matter worse is that most of us will jump to conclusion before we consider every end of the problem. For instance, when two friends go through a falling out, a third party will usually fail to hear both sides of the story, which will lead to the third party to side with a specific friend instead of mending the broken relationship.

Another example, in general men in this side of the world are fanatical towards football. When there is a big match on TV, hundreds of updates about said match flood my facebook's newsfeed. from the silliest to the most vulgar. This is not seen as 'taksub'. This is seen as a logical sense of sportmanship.

But when a few friends talk passionately about politics, here comes the 'taksub' argument. Suddenly, they are 'taksub' just because they prefer to talk about politics rather than other less important things. For the record 'taksub' is implied to those who went overboard towards others who disagree with them.

Ah men. We act mature when deep inside we are just toddlers trapped inside a grown man's body.

15 May 2012


Yesterday I went to the emergency labor room at the University Hospital. After two failed visits, alhamdulillah this time we managed to follow through a caesarean operation up to the end. Yay!

The baby was in perfect shape, albeit the slime and the overcrowded operating room. We smiled as she cried her lungs out. She was well! The operation took less than two hours, barely over an hour. It was a beautiful, beautiful thing. 

When the surgeon pulled her out from the womb, she was quiet. She was, to a certain extent blue. Her palms were blue, her chest was blue. For an inexperienced fella like myself, this was worrisome. So then I followed the nurse who took her to the incubator, where the baby was given oxygen, she was bathed and evaluated. Within seconds, as pure oxygen entered her lungs she turned into a beautiful shade of pink. Yay again! 

My first caesarian section was not a disappointing one. So this is how I was delivered into this world. Makes you think, doesn't it?

In the next room, another mother was not as lucky. Her pregnancy was complicated with a hematoma forming behind the placental formation up to more than 50%, which in turn lead to placental separation. Placental separation, which means the oxygen and blood supply is cut and eventually stopped. The baby was delivered dead, an intra-uterine fetal death. Innalillah.

In one night, I managed to see two cases, both involving pregnancy and labor, both involving beautiful children, but only one survived the night's ordeal. To think of the mother who carried the child for almost nine long months, enduring all the nauseating, heaviness and that exciting feeling to meet this little guy; and in the end not able to hold her child in her arms. Only Allah understood her feelings.

Let us pray for all the mothers in the world.

To understand that life and death are not separate entities, but they shared the same essence. Birth, which generally symbolises life doesn't necessarily mean that way as birth, in one or another occasions can result in death. This young child is not blessed to be among us, but surely he is there when Allah granted us His blessings to enter heaven.

Apparently, life and death is not that far apart from each other, don't you think? A matter of seconds could make the difference between life and death.

Imagine two separate person who took the same journey, with the same goal, using the same equipment but nothing promises them that they will end up with the same result. Sometimes we ask God why He put things in a certain way? We ask God, why did He take away something we love? Why does He put us in certain situation, when we see other people, happy and joyful with their lives?

Allah knows best. Right?

Untuk kita, semoga Allah memperbaiki akhlaq kita bersama. Sebelum laknat menimpa.
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