19 March 2012

15-year old

The brilliance behind the whole idea of Facebook is that now you can keep in contact with all the people you've once, still is or probably will be affiliated to.

The problem is some people that fall in either one of those categories are either d-bags, weirdos or trolls. We also sometimes befriend a family member, and he or she does something that you don't ever wants to know, but the image/memory lingers still. And when we meet said person, we can't help but purse our lips and pray to God to make time flies faster so that the awkward encounter to end soon.

Just like everybody else, I too have cousins, aunts, uncles, brothers and parents in my friendlist. I myself have this cousin in his teens, fifteen to be exact. He kept posting statuses that suits those girls who by choice made their account a diary for all to see.

So every hour I could see in my newsfeed his rant about people hating him, him being lonely, you get the jizz. To use the technical word, bitching. The statuses made me want to tear my foot off and throw it at him. Seriously.

He reminds me that once, maybe I was too a bitchy teen who likes to make emo statuses for everyone to see. Urgh.

He made me feel old. Now this guy, who once I played tricks on him just because I am much older than him. Now he too have the same problems I once had as a teen. Now he too is going through the rough years of not being sure who you are and where you should be. Now I can give advice, like one of those old people!

Sabda baginda Rasul s.a.w,

 ان الله ليعجب من الشاب الذي ليست له صبوه
Maksudnya; Sesungguhnya Allah sangat kagum dengan pemuda yang padanya tiada sifat kebudak-budakan.

I guess as every body else is growing up, I am also growing old. I can no longer pamper myself so much and start stepping outside my comfort zone because, in order to be great I must start today. Time is a luxury that I can no longer afford. So I probably need to start thinking like an adult then :)

06 March 2012



Dulu time di sekolah rendah sepuluh tahun yang lepas, ada mural dekat blok Wira yang tertulis 'bertangguh itu mencuri masa. Masa tu ayat-ayat macam tu biasa akan teringat masa nak buat karangan je. Tapi bila masa asyik terbuang sia-sia je, kata-kata itu terngiang-ngiang kat telinga aku.

Hidup sangat serabut sekarang, jadual yang macam penuh macam tak, slot-slot yang banyak kosong tapi kalau isi macam pack sangat pula, kalau tak isi kosong sangat pula. As a muslim and a medical student, it is very, very important to manage my time well. You need to create time when there is none, you need to create activity where there is none.

Ciri-ciri mukmin cemerlang itu antaranya ialah yang tersusun waktunya. Ingat tu ya. :)

Dan untuk setakat ini, ada aktiviti-aktivit yang aku letak on-hold sebab nampak life itu sangatlah pack. Kalau banyak masa kosong, kan lagi senang hidup, tak gitu? Of course. Tapi akal yang dibiar berhabuk akan berkarat nanti, dan umur aku baru nak masuk 22 tahun, dalam keadaan aku masih banyak benda yang perlu aku hadam, I need all the brain cells I could get my hands on.

Especially, when you have an amazing plan ahead for life. Kahwin, anak, dakwah, kerja, doktor pakar respiratori, hospital sendiri, rumah amal, ladang sendiri(nak bela kuda banyak-banyak, sunnah tu menunggang kuda), hafal quran, fasih bahasa arab, power main pool badan macam Chris Evans etc. Cita-cita biar tinggi melangit, setidak-tidaknya kalau tak dapat semua nanti dapatlah banyak, kan?

Time management is a worthy skill that each and every one of us needs to have and understand like the back of his or her own hand. And if we speak about time, you need to have a few principles buried deep in your head; 

  1. 24 hour is not enough which is why you need to use the ones that you have wisely and as efficient as you can; 
  2. You need to set a target of which at a certain age you will accomplish something in your life that will make people remember your name; and 
  3. Death is closer to you than anything else you could imagine.

AND the best way to manage time is to have a timetable.

Cliche gila kan. Tapi nak tak nak kita kena terima yang sebenarnya, benda-benda cliche ni la yang betul. Cliche adalah solusi sebenarnya. Timetable bukan untuk menjadi skema, tapi timetable adalah untuk kita nampak apa benda lah yang kita dan buat selama seminggu ni contohnya. Kalau ada planner lagi bagus, tapi itu dah macam pak menteri je. 

Dalam membuat timetable peribadi kita, target itu perlu. For myself I have a weekly and monthly target. Such as, this month I need to finish reading two books, Maza Yakni and The Nature of Man and The Psychology of the Human Soul. Aku kena hafal surah An-Nazi'at dan surah 'Abasa. Bentuk timetable itu bergantung kepada kita lah, cuma yang penting, jadual yang efektif itu adalah jadual yang di luar comfort zone. 

Tujuan post ini dibuat bukanlah untuk menunjuk-nunjuk, mahu dipuji jauh sekali mahu disanjung. This is done as a motivation to myself to start appreciating time. Semoga Allah memberkati usaha kita :)

01 March 2012

Winter Travelogue : Philae Temple

The last temple we visited before we went back to civilisation was Philae Temple. It was like Abu Simbel, it was also relocated before the dam was built. Philae temple was different from other temple, it was built by non-Egyptians. The architecture was said to be a combination of three great civilisation of the time, the Greeks, the Romans and the Egyptians hence the Greeco-Roman-Egyptian architecture.

Oh. Orang sini ada yang tak cakap arab. Mungkin bahasa Ethiopia, mungkin bahasa Nubia, yang penting peliklah.

As we entered the temple by boat, we found that the temple was not symmetrical. Unlike the ones in Luxor, you cannot see a straight line from the entrance to the end of the temple. The hieroglyphs on the walls were mostly copied and pasted from existing ones in other temples. According to our guide, this temple was built when the Greeks came and conquered Egypt hence ending the thousands of years reign of the Kings. And the Greeks killed all the priests and the educated small groups of people.

At the time only certain groups of people were given the right to learn hieroglyphs so commoners cannot read. The Greeks, in order to claim the rightful ruler of Egypt adopted their religion but since they killed the priests, they couldn't make an authentic temple. Which is why the hieroglyphs were not genuine and a little exaggerated in a way they made the body figures too pornographic, unlike the real Egyptian hieroglyphs.

At the end of our tour, our guide explained about their latest effort to rewrite the history of the great civilisation. According to him, today they can calculate at which era did the Prophet Joseph lived and ruled Egypt as a minister. They can calculate the times when Moses and Aaron were alive, and they even found a temple that was written in it, a phrase which said 'Allah, the One God' or something like that which showed us in a certain part of the old Egyptian history, there were kings who practiced monotheism.

Thank you Mohamed, what a brilliant way to end an amazing trip. Mohamed was not a regular guide, he was an Egyptologist and is currently doing his masters degree after twelve years of digging. Just when we thought we have figured out everything about history. 

Here was our last temple (excluding the worthless Unfinished Obelisk site) before we began our painful 14 hours journey to Cairo.

Terima kasih kepada yang semangat membaca hehe. Aku minat sejarah, aku minat ketamadunan jadi aku suka baca tentang benda-benda ni. Some people asked, 'penting ke nak kena tau benda-benda ni?'

To those people, I would like to say, why shouldn't it be if it helps to strengthen my faith?
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