20 November 2011

ADHA'11, Mansurah


This year's adha was by far the most different adha since the first time I celebrated it as a kid. I remembered the awkward transgression between not understanding what 'adha' was all about to dull visits to makcik-makcik's houses to for the first time four years ago, butchering a freshly slaughtered cow to its bones. This year I was given the task to conduct the whole process of slaughtering, dari menyembelih kepada melapah kepada membuang perut.

For the first time in the history of our student society, we were responsible to manage fifty three animals to be carefully slaughtered. Fifty three, which included 49 goats, three camels and one cow. The four camels and cow themselves needed 40 people to manage them, which leaves at least three people for each goat. So, let's say that three people skinned and took care at least three goats, that means we had at least fifty people working on them. Adding some more twenty people who helped with the food and tools, so I was responsible to manage the work of more than 100 people. 

Believe me, managing the flow of work of so many people was not easy, and I am thankful for every second to be able to do just that. It was one hell of a priceless experience. It was one tiring day, but as all the 53 korbans were safely delivered to the next processing station, a.k.a the distribution stage, I was glad to have to end my job well. 

First time pegang hailer/megaphone, first time conduct hari kejadian, first time jadi pengarah kecil-kecilan. Terima kasih kepada AJK induk ADHA'11 sebab bagi peluang :)

This year I learned how important it is to have a real good networking with lots of people, to carefully put my trust in the best of men, and to carefully structure a system to be as perfect as possible as people expect me to be perfect. And what we found at the end was both priceless and sad. Janin unta yang dah sempurna, sape nak?

I remembered the first time I was given such responsibility, that was when I was in form five. I was chosen to be the sponsorship comittee for a nasyid event at school. I remembered I was calling this office, I was so nervous I couldn't speak properly. I cannot structure my sentences well. And the best part was how the receiver responded to such calls from an inexperienced idiot of me.

'Boleh cakap sopan sikit tak?'

Haha. Punya down masa tu. But from there I've done a few more things, most importantly to improve my leadership and social skill, and yes since then I think I have grown not only a few inches but also in confidence as well. I have gained some trusts around this turf with da homies, and you know how hard it is to gain one. Allahu akbar

Semoga jauh dari futur, semoga terus membina momentum demi ummah.

p/s : susah betul nak buat ayat bahasa inggeris pasal lapah-lapah ni.

12 November 2011

Lost and Found


I used to be like them. Or at least, I used to want to be like them, and that was at least three years ago. I have lost my track. That smile I used to cover up the real emotion was proven ineffective, thus causing a deeper gash that it should make. I've lost the will to blog, I've lost the things to talk about. Simply, I have lost interest in almost everything.

But the past few days brought me back to the days where I said I wanted to be a better man with a genuine intention to actually fulfill it. That was a promise I make to myself, left forgotten because masking a problem doesn't make the problem to go away. So here I am, still finding ways to help myself. I have learned two important life lessons (yes) during the past week.

ONE. A saying, so simple and deep that I will cherish till the day I will be blessed to met The Almighty. 

"Apa yang Allah jadikan untuk kita, sama ada kekurangan atau kelebihan, ujian senang dan susah, sakit dan nikmat, merupakan yang terbaik untuk kita supaya kita sentiasa dekat dengan Allah,"

It was man who labelled poor as bad and rich as what we should be. Truly, Allah knows what is best for each and every one of us, which is why He doesn't give the same set of tools to each and every one of us. He knows the right tools for each of us to be used through life. So, the choice is up to us! Either to use the things we have to our advantage or to make the situation worse.

TWO. I don't know how but crying once in a while helps. There's no better feeling than sitting quietly and pray to Allah asking Him to show you the ways.


 I am still lost, but at least now the path has been brightfully lit.

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