28 July 2011

The little things that went under-appreciated.

A young man went to the barber shop. He stepped into the talc-smelled room with the determination to cut his messy hair, hoping that there will be no regrets waiting him after the ordeal is done. He started to appreciate the smallest little things that made home is where the heart is.

1. The sound of crickets at dusk.
2. The availability of awesome food and durian.
3. The neck twisting at the barber shop.
4. The Malaysian way of driving, compared to Egypt.
5. The availability of air-conditioned transportation being it a taxi, a bus, the public trains and even your own car.
6. The semi-efficient public transportation.
7. The malls that exceed necessity.
8. Ice everywhere.
9. The fact that it gets cooler as the day dawns.
10. The vacant city at night.
11. The traffic lights.
12. The availability of cheap and of good quality accessories from shoes to underwear.
13. The manners.
14. The trees and the rain.
15. The cloud that shield us from the scorching sun.
16. The fact that I don't need to hurry to the nearest hospital and rush to take a number if something health-threatening happens to me.
17. The peace. I can go out at dead night and return with a smile. 
18. The existence of kedai mamak 24/7.
19. KL. Gotta love KL.
20. The abundant movie theaters.This includes all the facilities that help us to waste time in an efficient manner.
21. The absence of lagu joget arab.
22. The existence of drinks with no pulp and food with no bread.
23. The cats that aren't scared shit of people.
24. The rivers.
25. The weird superstitious Malay beliefs of jinns and rasuk-rasuk craps.
26. The food. OH you just need to mention food twice.
27. The absence of people that stares at you.
28. The fact that we can understand the language perfectly.
29. The simplicity of dining. You don't need a proper waiter, a perfect place, a timeline of what should be eat first, and we sit and eat and simply have a great time. Great food at great prices. Yes, food again.
30. I can drive here.

He runs out of ideas. Gotta love Malaysia. :)

18 July 2011

July 18th.


Just finished semester six's final exam today. MCQ was exceptionally hard. Essay was the best so far among the three, there were definitely a colossal difference of anxiety while facing the short essay compared to the other two, as the OSCE was just devastating. I knew I could do better, perhaps I got too nervous being the first time experiencing it and all.

OSCE. Four miserable stations, five just so-so, one bordering excellence. May Allah bless me by granting an adequately good result for me to bring home to Malaysia.

And goodbye Semester six, goodbye third year, it has been a brilliant year. And I open my arms to the coming semester seven insyaAllah.

I am twenty one y/o this year. Perhaps not a big number for everybody else, but for myself I should be aware of the changes that I have been through, especially since exactly a year ago. Here lies a stepping stone to be a real fully responsible grown up, yes it will take time but this is where I start to sketch my plan on how to leave my mark in the world and in the Lord's eyes. What can I do has hence become what will I do from today and so forth. Hell yeah I am NOT that excited, but growing up is inevitable. Meh.

It is astonishing that any one, and even while seeing his like die, should forget death.- Saidina Ali ibn Abi Talib r.a.

On a more personal level, definitely, I've grown. I've learned to swallow the bullshit people throw at me. I've learned to recognize the spesific flaws that have been holding me back these years. I saw things that I always turned a blind eye before, and I learned to accept the cold hard truth.

And most importantly, I have overcome my biggest mountain so far. Let the world not know of what I am talking about.

Oh yeah, if I can register in time, I finally got to cast my vote in the next general election! So excited.

Twenty-effing-one years old
Bring it motherf*cker.

10 July 2011

Should have used Angry birds.

Silap MCQ tadi pakai peluru biasa. Patut pakai Angry birds baru tepat kena sasaran.

Dah berapa kali rasa macam ni. Dah berapa kali kata nak berubah start semester baru. Dah banyak kali dah, sebenarnya setiap kali habis exam rasa macam ni. Azam yang sama berkali-kali. Tapi tak pernah terbuat-buat. Mula-mula semangatlah, kalau buat graph tu awal-awal tinggi je akhir-akhir merudum jatuh.

Bukan sekali, dah banyak kali.

Tapi silap kat mana? Nak kata baca, baca dah. Ulang sampai tiga empat kali tapi still tak masuk. I think I got ADD, I can't seem to focus on one thingfor more than five seconds. Sekali habis baca satu sentence, sepuluh kali bukak Facebook. Facebook is a real bitch for wasting my time, that's why I can't have a twitter account, that would be a sin against nature. My mind just can't focus on two time wasters at a time. 

The other thing is the fact that I am one hell of a procastinator. Kalaulah ada kerja procastinator, dah jadi jutawan dah aku. I personally blame hedonism haha, and I have prove that I spend more time watching senseless movies than reading books.

Sangat menyedihkan. By the way ignore the irony that I take the proof of how little I read and how much I waste time from Facebook.

Nasib baik Tuhan tu still bagi ruang nak rasa menyesal. So sem baru nanti betul-betul nak azam. Kasi jadi super nerd haha. May this one be the last. Mother once or twice said, "Kalau nak jadi doktor bukan kena pandai, tapi kena rajin." Bukanlah tak pandai sampai SPM pun tak lepas, tapi tak pandai macam genius-genius jenis Syed Imran tu. Baca sekali melekat sampai mati.

Ilahi lestu lil-firdawsi a’la 
wa la akhwa ala nar il-jaheemi
Allah fa habli tawbata wa-ghfir dhunubi
fa innaka ghaafiru dhanb il-adzimi

08 July 2011

How to study effectively

Exam MCQ 10 Julai, Essay 12 Julai, OSCE 17 Julai.
InsyaAllah merdeka pada 18 Julai 2011.

Doakan saya.

I got really excited with the new Blogger.com's orange dashboard . Yeth! And I got the right to be so, because the old one was ugly. Besides, I'm procastinating my studies,something that feels like installing an air-cond in this 40 degrees weather. Yes it is that good.

Melambat-lambatkan study adalah ibarat makan berat ketika dalam proses berdiet, penyesalan di akhirnya amat perit sekali.

Semalam bukak Berita Harian. Harapnya nak taulah apa jadi dekat Malaysia. Tapi yang ada semua berita politik. Wish I could see with my own eyes the massive traffic jam around KL, thanks Abe for the updates. KL is a real  chaos mess but I just can't wait for tomorrow. This is another valid reason to be uber excited, apa akan jadi besok? We shall see.

Anyway, the collections of multiple threats, imaginary roadblocks, the shallow arguments not spesific to any side, and the well-reasoned men that spoke with their heads not their emotions has made me both afraid to take a stand but at the same time making me think twice before I judge. Here I learned that to judge you need prove, and to not speak about something you don't understand is underrated. And for that I thank you all.

05 July 2011

Kembali kepada sumber hukum

Salam people.

Petang-petang macam ni nak baca pun tak masuk. So let's settle one issue at a time, the first and hottest being BERSIH demonstrations scheduled to be held on July 9th.

1. So the government said the gathering is haraam, technically because it doesn't have a permit from the police, you need a permit if you plan to make a gathering  as such. Then people started to question, why didn't the police give BERSIH a permit in the first place? Well, because demonstrations are likely to turn violent. Likely, not always. There are lots of demonstrations being held in other parts of the world, mainly in Europe, where they didn't turn violent. Like this one in Spain :

See how they made it looked fun with the band pancaragam and all. No molotovs, no parang, no guns. Even tujuan demo tu pun macam 'hekeleh'. If this doesn't satisfy you, look at this one in London :

"There are also police taking part in a march". Agak awesome. The head of the coalition was also interviewed live on television.  But of course, there were demonstrations that did turn violent, like this one in Syria and Libya :

Of course, one might argue that the violence were started by the police, or for some minboggling reason in Libya, the protesters were supplied by the United States with guns and stuff, so itu cerita lain lah kan. Jadi bila logik akal tak boleh nak buatkan kesimpulan, kita kembali kepada dua benda yang Rasulullah tinggalkan - al-Quran dan sunnah baginda. Ada orang tolong buat summation pandangan alim-alim dan seorang bekas amir kat Malaysia macam ni :
Ustaz Zaharuddin: Asal sesuatu perkara adalah harus, melainkan ada dalil yang menunjukkan pengharamannya. Ada demonstrasi harus, ada demonstrasi haram. Kalau mana-mana pemimpin menyediakan ruang untuk menyuarakan ketidakpuasan mereka secara empat mata, maka itu lebih utama untuk didahulukan berbanding mendedahkan kelemahannya dengan demonstrasi. Ianya dibenarkan jika usaha yang pertama tadi tidak diendahkan.

Dr Asri ZA: Demonstrasi, pada asasnya ia sesuatu yang harus melainkan jika diiringi dengan perkara-perkara haram seperti kerosakan harta benda awam, pergaduhan dan penonjolan akhlak yang buruk. Demonstrasi itu terdedah kepada bahaya dan porak peranda, maka demonstrasi hendaklah menjadi pilihan akhir setelah tuntutan yang adil tidak ditunaikan.

Tun Dr Mahathir: Walaupun demonstrasi diterima dalam demokrasi, ia tidak boleh diguna dengan sewenang-wenangnya. Jauh daripada memberi manfaat kepada rakyat, ia menambah masalah bagi rakyat.
Ust Fathul Bari: Hukum demonstrasi diambil berdasarkan pemahaman yang singkat daripada hadis Nabi s.a.w untuk disesuaikan dengan pemahaman kita tanpa melihat tatacara pelaksanaan secara menyeluruh. Saya dah ulas panjang dari segi maslahah dan mafsadahnya, maka kesimpulannya, demonstrasi adalah haram, haram, haram.
So, according to my understanding, btw berani taqlid je buat masa sekarang sebab saya bukan ahlinya untuk membuat hukum, hukum asalnya adalah harus. Harus, Harus melainkan ada yang mengharamkannya. Contoh macam niat yang tak betul, like hoping to kill through the demonstrations or demanding something that is prohibited by God, then it would be obviously haram. It is harus mainly because the ones that argued demonstrations is harus makes more sense than the ones that said it is totally haram (haha). So demos are not totally haram, like some people said that demonstrasi bukan cara Islam. Then someone posted this link. Pencerahan yang tak berat sebelah dan tak emosi. 
By the way, lepas kena sound dengan Nourman Ali Khan, saya tak mahu guna dalil sesuka hati.
Jadi it comes to whether BERSIH is more of a riot or a peaceful gathering? BERSIH dikaitkan dengan komunis, IFC, macam-macam. Rasanya tidak, especially since yang akan join adalah majoritinya Melayu Islam, so tak ada lah komunis dan sokong IFC atau sangat sikitlah bilangannya. Baca sini pulak.
So, konklusinya, pada saya, saya raikan perbezaan pendapat The world needs more positive people, imagine if 30 million Malaysians come to the street, it would be chaotic. So we need people who fight to liberalize the political arena and we need those who keep the demands moderate, i.e, not too liberal. To be of different stands make the middle way seems clearer don't you think? Secara keseluruhannya, BERSIH dapat mematangkan politik Malaysia.
Maybe street protest is not the best way, but it seems like the only way don't you think?

01 July 2011

I thought there was a revolution on January 25th?

Situation 1.

As I entered the faculty, I took the stairs, two at a time, to reach the examination hall. It was on the top floor at the end of the building. Rumor has it that the administration has changed our seatings, something they failed to tell us before for God knows what reason. Something I've went through before.

I went straight to my designated room and quickly tried to find my new desk. The instructions was not clear. The arrangement of the desks were an insult to humanity. You would think that a normal, functioning, at least of average IQ could done a better job that this. Perhaps my expectations were too high.

It's 9.05 a.m. and the exam was supposed to start at least five minutes ago. Question papers were yet to be distributed. Rumor has it that the people who were responsible to make copies of the questions had just barely stapled them altogether. And it is 9.15 a.m. already. By then the administrator came to the room and yelled at us because we sat according to the new allocated seatings, and we were supposed to sit according to the old ones for the day. And I wonder, why did he yell at us like we were monkeys that can only understand sign language?

I figured stuff like these won't happen if he properly prioritized and planned his tasks/his job/his work that paid the food on his table. So unorganized.

Situation 2. Still on the exam day.

As the exam finished, we had a mock OSCE exam, it was actually a way of teaching us how should we answer the oral exam. Great fun it was, also very informative that made me realize that I have a lot to cover still. Ah well. We were told to gather at a lecture hall two floors below to meet with the great Dr Said. 

He was a humble man, he apologized for any mistakes and loops we, the students experienced  since the beginning of the semester. I was one of the last people to enter the hall so naturally, I sat at the very end of the row, at the very back of the hall. Sitting a row in front of me was a girl, probably a year younger than me. She was not Malaysian.

Dr Said was talking, explaining and apologizing all way through his little half-an-hour chat with us. And during those thirty minutes, this bitch kept interrupting him, shouting from the back of the hall. So I wondered, where were her manners? Where was her common sense? Didn't she realize that her behaviour was should I say rude to say the least?

Err. I thought there was a revolution on January 25th?

Situation 3.

The easiest way to reach the stadium from my house was through Jehan St. And as I walked along the busy road every day, I couldn't help but noticed a family of caretakers (orang gaji) of an old building just beside the road. To a couple of man and his wife there were a few children, the youngest being at most two years old.

I watched him growing up beside the cars and motorcycles that passed through Jehan St. From the day he could barely crawl until today, he is an active two-year-old, playing with his toys of balls and bicycle on the pavement. Once he played with some keys and he tried to open a car using that key. He tried to put the key through the key hole. So like any other boys of his age, he learned quick.

Yet I can't help but wonder. what does the future holds for this little guy? Would he grows up being like his parents, and continue the legacy of being a caretaker and so he married a beautiful woman and fathers yet another generation of caretakers? Will he be allowed to go to school, better yet will he have enough money to go to school? 

Because according to his situation today, his future doesn't promise much and looks bleak, perhaps too bleak.

Wanting something is not enough, you need more than passion and hard work to change something, and it takes more than just hard work to change attitudes.
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