29 May 2011

The Wrap Up of Seasons


One of the things that makes summer more unbearable than it already is is the fact that summer marks the end of seasonal series on television. And so begins the 4 months of nothing good on TV to watch except maybe reruns and movies, but movies are just as awesome as money-sucking and I'd rather wait another few months until I can download them on torrentz. Well except certain movies, of course, I mean HP7 is a definite must-watch!

I've once blogged about the sitcoms and dramas that keep me uncomfortable in my kerusi boss every week, hungrily anticipating the next episode. And I stand by what I've said back then : those secular infidels can make even the finest and simplest of message to appear as important and entertaining, not to mention refreshing, something a Malay Muslim has failed to do in a very long time.

On the bright side, dah boleh fokus dekat benda-benda yang lebih berat sebab kalau aku tak ambil kisah pasal hal-hal yang berat, siapa lagi?

26 May 2011


Salam people.

There are several things I would be estatic to bitch about. First of all, kejap lagi is our end-rotation exam for internal medicine round. Besok exam pukul 10 pagi, jam dah pukul 1 pagi. So it's not really 'besok', it's 'kejap lagi'. I'm afraid if I sleep now I won't wake up for fajr prayer so the plan is to stay up and read as much as possible until fajr THEN sleep. The syllabus that we need to cover include
  1. Diabetes mellitus and literally everything about it. Do you know what is a Lente? I do.
  2. Hepatitis and in general, every disease that can be related to liver cell failure including ascites, LL edema, and jaundice.
  3. Adrenal diseases which means Conn's disease, Cushing syndrome, pheochromocytoma, Addison's disease, acromegaly, to name a few.
  4. Constipation, diarrhea and their differential diagnoses and inflammatory bowel diseases.
Yes, boring. Saja nak recap amende yang kena tau sepanjang round ni, takut terlepas apa-apa. :) The most boring part of all of this is to realise that if you start to revise early, to study more since the beginning of the rotation, everything will be easily glued into my head, because most of these are not that hard. Mother said, nak jadi doktor tak payah pandai, tapi kena rajin. Oh how true was that even after realising it for the 673rd time.

Semoga banyak soalan redundant dari sini. Amen.

Second of all, for the first time of my life whenever I am upset or frustrated about stuff, or I just want to talk to someone because I want to sincerily know, I have someone to turn to and I don't have to be afraid and cautious of getting her worried.

To You, I want to say RAWR.


During MFO '11 closing ceremony, Mr President told us a story with a very simple message : Tulis kesalahan saya atas tanah, jangan atas batu. I am not sure what happened, I don't know if it is entirely my fault. I begin to not care anymore (thank God). Jadi sempena exam kejap lagi, saya menyusun sepuluh jari kalau ada terlebih dan terkurang. Just make sure you clear things up before anything else happens. :)
1873. Ibn `Abbas (May Allah be pleased with them) said: The Messenger of Allah (PBUH) said, "If anyone constantly seeks pardon (from Allah), Allah will appoint for him a way out of every distress and a relief from every anxiety, and will provide sustenance for him from where he expects not.'' [Abu Dawud].

22 May 2011

Lagu-lagu melekat dalam kepala

Salam people.

One song that will always be in my playlist since I first heard of them, although most of the time I skip them and move on to the next song.

This one will always be my favourite. The song has been around since I was just at most 10 years old, I have kept it in my playlist even if I already know that I will not be listening to it more often. Forget Robbie, he's messed up in a way you don't know which one is left or right haha. "Lord I'm doing all I can to be a better man."

One word, beautiful.

Oh and apart from a song that has been as old as life it is, I've found out that there's this guy, he called himself John Mayer, now he's a true lyrical genius.No I didn't just recently found him, I remembered his first song was about this perverted guy drooling over a woman's body. No offence since hell yeah it was indeed amazing, he made something such as suggestive to be more than just beautiful.

Stop This Train
So scared of getting older
I'm only good at being young
So I played the numbers game to find a way to say that 
Life has just begun

Bigger Than My Body
Someday I'll fly
Someday I'll soar
Someday I'll be so damn much more
'cause I'm bigger than my body gives me credit for

Edge of Desire
Don't say a word just come over and lie here with me
'cause I'm just about to set fire to everything I see
I want you so bad I'll go back on the things I believe
There I just said it 
I'm scared you'll forget about me

I worry
I weight three times my body
I worry
I throw my fears around
But this morning
There's a calm I can't explain
The rock candy's melted, only diamonds now remain

Take out of your wasted honor
Every little past frustration
Take all your so-called problems,
Better put them in quotations
Say what you need to say

Even if your hands are shaking
And your faith is broken
Even as the eyes are closing
Do it with a heart wide open
Say what you need to say


20 May 2011

I am Against Stereotypes

Salam people.

After almost three years of staying in Egypt, I have picked up a lot of things from the locals. Last week I took a cab to go home from the paediatrics hospital. It was peak hour, and the road to enter my neighbourhood will be jammed with cars, people, asses and sound pollution. The distance between my home and the hospital was only about less than half a kilometer long, and after a day of lectures and paintings I didn't feel of walking. Besides, it is only LE2 per cab, which equals RM1 in Malaysia.

The cab driver looked like the sheikhs you would normally see in mosques reading the Qur'an and leading the prayers, only dirtier. He put on the holy Qur'an recitations on his radio, same like the usual I guess. As I arrived at the Istad I paid him the usual LE2 and I opened the door, just as he put up his finger that meant '1 more gineh'. He didn't particularly ask me the gineh but he did use sign language. So I gave him 75 cents, because I have no change to spare.

Boring punya re-cap BUT I would love to raise a few points here. ONE, You don't expect something like this to happen with a young cab driver with western clothes and Tamally Ma3k on his radio in the same exact situation. TWO, it is common to find these kind of arabs with their holier-than-thou attitude assuming us Malaysians are so incapable to speak even the most basic Arabic so they never actually talked to us. HINT : we can. THREE, this is not about the  money, this is about people who takes advantage upon others just because we can't properly speak the language.

During my first year another cab driver with the exact similar attitude and attire kept making fun of our accent all the way to our destination. He kept asking us to repeat the word 'mustasyfa gama3h' over and over again, because yeah our '3ain' wasn't up to his standard. He had this way of showing how pissed he was to us, and as we got off the cab we slammed the door to his face.
I've met with the most snobbish-looking classmates who never fails to say 'how are you?' to me every morning during class and maybe the nicest, most warm-looking man with the worst attitude towards Malaysians ever. The latter, complete with jubah and beards that look like this :

What comes first in mind when you see someone with jubah, kopiah and beads (tasbih)? You expect him to be polite, warm, maybe he memorized the Qur'an and he should be the most honest man ever. We are stereotyping, but that's what you should be when you are upholding this particular image. Someone who learns more, knows more and practices more is technically better than those who simply don't yes?

In the end, the truth is stereotyping is bad in both ways as in just because a man likes a certain stuff that may relate to a certain group of people doesn't mean that he is one of the people in the group and sometimes bersangka baik doesn't mean the truth. Sedikit terkilan, tetapi manusia itu berjuta ragam bermacam warna, kita tak boleh menahan sinaran itu malah kita perlu biarkan warna itu menyinar asalkan masih berbataskan syariat.

Jadilah seorang doktor yang pandai menyanyi sambil mengumpul setem. 
Mainlah bola petang-petang, dan  malam-malam kalau nak buat kek, silakan! 
Biar dalam exam dapat mumtaz, DOTA siang malam pun takpe. 
Biar badan sador tapi hati cute minat cerita Korea, 
biar badan keping tapi semangat membara!

Tapi, aqidah Tauhid jangan sesekali letak tepi. Solat tetap solat, itu yang paling penting.

19 May 2011

Semangat orang muda

Salam people.

Last Sunday was not a regular Sunday for the Arab countries, they named it Sunday of Freedom or 'El-a7ad El-ta7reer'. It marked the 63rd Nakba of Palestine, where 63 years ago on the same day the Zionists came to the holy land and stole it from them, threw the natives out of their homes and called it their own with full support from the West.

And after 63 years, we are still struggling to claim what is ours even though we are 1.5 billion in number, even though we are the fastest growing religion in the world. You may not think that Palestine is our business, if so, search for the humane side in your side. Day after day innocent people are bing killed because they fought to claim what is rightfully theirs in the first place.

Well, technically as Muslim, it is your imaan that obliges you to care since we are talking about fellow Muslims here, so you have no excuse either way *giggles*

And across the Arab world, revolutions after revolutions are being held to topple regimes to their knees. Revolutions, which are initiated by fellow Muslim youngsters like myself who want to see Islam at its place : at the top.

Last week, I can't remember which day, I was invited to join a dinner with PBL 8 with Dr Ayman, and he asked each of us what do we like and hate most about Egypt. It took me quite a while for me to arrange my sentence, because one slip of a sensitive word might hurt the doctor's feelings. I would feel the same if someone talk trash about my own country.

What I like most about Egypt; ONE : I love the historical background of the country; the pyramids, the old prophets and the influence of old European civilization such as Greece and Rome. What can I say, I am a huge fan of history. TWO : The fact that the recent revolution were initiated and moved by young men and women, which is impossible to happen in Malaysia for the time being.

Across the Arab World, the young men and women of the country determine the future of their respective homelands.

But in Malaysia, we are still searching the right definition of ourselves, after more than fifty years of independence. Crucial subjects are taught using a foreign language in believing that  by using our native languages will hold us back. Students are prohibited to participate in activities that trains them to think critically (well except if you support a certain side), to voice out their opinions because according to the older generation, they are not matured or experienced enough.

Everything the west says is right or best we blindfully follow even if what they potray are way beyond our norm, way over our boundaries of moral standard. Not enough with the west, today we see young men dancing around on stages, with faces full of acne, with skin as dark as iced milo because they want to be 'Malaysian Kpop'. Ignore the obvious stupidity here, kalau dah dekat Malaysia, nak 'Kpop' amende lagi? 

Aku sangat malu untuk bangsa Melayu.

Jati diri yang lemah, sampai kita tak mampu untuk berdiri dengan budaya tamadun kita sendiri. Hebat benar penangan penjajah, ke mana pergi keyakinan kita?

16 May 2011

Dear God, I need some time

Dear God, I need some time to rest.

Just a day to fix my time. Just a moment to be absolutely healthy but I want to stay at home doing nothing. Just a day without classes or assigments to think about. Just one day to stop thinking about exams or my studies for that matter.

I hope it is not much to ask this but I need time for myself.

Time to be just as happy as I was two weeks ago, when life was not as tiring neither complicated. Where I didn't wonder in what way I had lived my life wrong. Oh how I wish life is simpler than that, although the fact is there are heaven and hell to think about, to work for.

Do I hear The Lazy Song in the air?

Dear Allah, even though my life not as dramatic as I potrayed it to be, I just want some time for my self.

The end without a proper beginning?

13 May 2011

Tulis atas tanah

Salam people. 

The past two weeks has been busy as hell for me what with the rugby tournament and the MFO '11, with the fever in between as if teasing me for the works that I need to do. All I can say is that the experience I gained through the weeks I will cherish and will be put as an example for the stuff I shall do in the future insyaAllah. There are some aspects among the messiness, or entanglement that I could never forget.

1. I got real cranky about people who has a lot to complain. 'Kerja takde upah, siapa nak kerja' has won the award for the most pissing off sentence of the week. 

2. When you are happy, you tend to overlook the mistakes you could have or would have done  unconsciously, and it becomes even worse when what you do involves someone you know whom you never worked with before, so you see this whole new side of this person whom you once thought you knew everything of him. 

3. You tend to neglect the petty problems you had going on when you're busy so here's a new cure : Keeping yourself busy helps you carry on with your lives.

So, although I am happy as hell because of the stuff I thought I can not do but it turned out I can (yeay!) I still want to apologize for the stuff that I overlooked. I am still in a learning process, and if given the chance I would do better next time.

Tulis kesalahan saya atas tanah, jangan atas batu.

08 May 2011


Salam people.

It has been a while since I wrote or shared anything. The writer's block that I'm experiencing combined with one hell of a busy weekend made to post something is implausible. Anyway, today I am not feeling all rainbow, the lack of rest and sleep has finally caught up on me, and I have been feeling all down since yesterday.

Last Thursday the controversial Medic's Got Talent went on as planned. Interesting enough, from what I thought just a silly way for Malaysians students to have fun turned a little over to the ugly side. Then there's the Bantah! page which kind of made it even more uglier. MGT has brought together the two most opposite type of Malay Muslims, The Zealots and The Liberals, two groups of people that are as different as black and white, or maybe more.

I used both terms as a mean to insult (yes) both sides, to show that I am not taking sides. So anyway, as the big fan of social science that I am, I am not interested to decide who is wrong or right. The Truth, Allah said, is clear.  
Say : The Truth has come, and the falsehood shall vanish not come back [38:45]
What I am more interested in is how these two different groups are formed. Let's talk about the Zealots first.

The Zealots are formed of people with the best of intentions. They are, or should be the Men if God, here to help guide the rest of us to Allah. They are from the best of families with strict values and to them being overly strict about some aspects of their lives has been nothing but a norm to them. If they listen to music, they listen more to nasyids, selawats, qasidahs, al-Quran recitation from the best Imaams from Makkah and Madinah, and sometimes, once in a while they turn to Indonesian rock bands who tried to fuse together nasyid and rock Music. Oh of course, the main stream music is not that foreign to them obviously.

Then there's the Liberals, they are not as well informed as the Zealots. They are brought up with an environment not as strict and guarded as the Zealots, but they are still happy lots. If they listen to music, they listen more to the main stream music.

So we have one key here : since both groups have been brought up with different sets of values over the years, each of us has our own ways to interpret life guided by the said values that have been taught to us. Kalau dari kecil mak awak dah ajar karipap tu sedap, karipap tu sedap. Kemudian tiba-tiba ada orang datang cakap karipap tu tak sedap, mana satu yang awak akan ikut, cakap mak awak atau cakap mamat yang tiba-tiba datang kat awak tadi?

Obviously, we will trust our mothers more. It is almost impossible to encourage someone to believe that the grass is green when since little he saw grass as electric blue, eventhough grass has always been green. Yang utama, kedua-dua belah pihak bertuhankan Allah dan berimamkan Rasulullah. Hidayah tu kan kerja Tuhan!

p/s : I've always known that my mother loves me, but I can never know how much. Happy Mother's Day, Mama.
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