29 April 2011

How to become a strong Muslim : WikiHow

Salam people.

Nah I was thinking about of bitching about something so vague and unrelated to most people out there, instead of trying to gain empathy from you guys, it came out bitter. I could, you know, complain and whine. To tell a story about how hard my life is.

But hey, there are people around my age who never know peace. Or how does a morning without the sound of bullets flying over their heads. So who gives me the right to talk? Sure, sure. I have my woes of being a normal growing socially active lad, being that which brings me stuff to think, stuff to be concerned about. But hey, no problem is unsolvable.

Let's be a strong muslim instead! Learn from Wikihow :
  1. Accept that God Almighty exists. and His attributes are beyond our imagination. He is capable of everything and anything. Faith in God is essential. Accept that Muhammad (peace be upon him) is the last of a long line of Prophets that started with Adam, through Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jesus and everyone in between. Accept that the Holy Quran is the last and true word of God.
  2. Pray sincerely. Affirm that God is close to you. Always pray on time, never delay. 
  3. Pray in the middle of the night. Pray when most people around you are sleeping soundly. Recite His name every time. Also known as Zikr in Muslim terminology, reciting His name will ultimately make you a strong Muslim because you are constantly reminded of what good He has done for you.
  4. Be grateful for everything you have. The more thankful you are the more you will realize how much you have been blessed. And by doing this, God willing, you will be stronger because you will believe that God is present.
  5. Protect your chastity. 
  6. Keep to your promise.Abiding to your promise will ultimately make you trustworthy person.
  7. Respect the opinion of others. No opinions are bad or stupid. You should treat them as gems. 
  8. Fast for the right reasons. Not because you want to impress others, nor because you want to feel superior in terms of popularity when you get fitter later.
  9. Never lie. It should be emphasized again. God hates his adherents to lie to others. Your integrity will directly have an impact towards your dignity.
  10. Be good to your wife, if you are a man. The Prophet Muhammad (saw) said that "The best of you is he who is the best to his wife". Be kind to her, always support her and allow her an equal share in decision making and property ownership.
  11. Struggle towards goodwill. 
  12. Practice felicity towards everything.
  13. Be gracious towards your parents. 
  14. Never sough over your loved one's death. Know that God did that because He loves your loved ones even more than you do.
  15. Never waste your Time on useless things. 
  16. Read the Quran/Hadith a lot.  The prophet Muhammad said, two hours of thinking in Quran's meaning, is better than one hundred year of praying.
  17. Try a lot to seek for knowledge. Even it is in your enemy’s hands.
  18. Always think right. Never let evil ideas come into your mind.
  19. Keep your body, clothes, home stuffs and everything you owned clean. 
  20. Always help poor and orphans by any mean. 
  21. Repent if you have committed a sin anytime.  After all he is the one you shall meet after life so obey his law and he shall give you paradise.
Good luck! 

26 April 2011

Just an ear?

Salam people.

I was cooking using a rice cooker just now because the Gas Company took our stove since a week ago and it didn't occur to them that we need that God forsaken stove to cook. Apparently, to change the head of the gas pipe took a week or more to settle.

The bad side of cooking using a rice cooker are 1. You have to remeasure the ingredients, and 2. You might risk spilling over, which is what has just happened before. The rice cooker got overheated and half of the delicious masak lemak cili api gravy spilled all over the kitchen floor, which was very depressing haha, since this was the first time I ever cook with one. Oh well.

They say the same thing about emotions. If you keep your anger or contempt all bottled up, one day God forbid, you may burst out and became amok all of a sudden one day. But most of the time, holding up is the best thing to do.

So, if one of your friends or yourself for that matter, has been acting weird or different, please be a dear and give him or her your shoulder,because maybe, an ear is all that he or she needs.

FINE, mood jiwang. 

08 April 2011


It's 2.30 a.m. in the morning, I just had a crepe and am not going to sleep for at least another half an hour. Be warned, this is a depressing post.

ONE. You try your best to be the most supporting friend in the world, when you just go along with the flow and you pray to God that things would go back to normal, or perhaps better. But the total opposite happened, which makes you question yourself about why do you care so much anyway.

Then you realized, being alone is a lot worse. 

TWO. You're waiting the sun to pop out of these cloudy sky some day, instead rain washed the city not for the better, because muddy streets are just depressing. Oh yeah the temperature is well below 15 degrees, and my effing nose won't stop oozing, no matter how much I blew, no matter how much I spent buying tissue papers.

THREE. You thought that being hardworking is easy, so you take medicine. Then you somewhat realized that this is too much work, and your ass are just naturally lazy there's nothing you can do but accept the fact that this is not for you. But hey, you also know that if you give just a leeeeeeeeeeeeeeetle push to yourself you could pass as a doctor, albeit how barely. So you do it anyway, grudgingly and you just hope this turns out well isA.

FOUR. The worst thing about being a man is that whenever you try to express your feelings, you will be considered soft and unmanly. The only emotions that should exist in a man's chest / can be justly expressed is anger. So they say.



The end. 

04 April 2011


Rhythm. Pronounced as ˈriT͟Həm', according to the Essential English dictionary is defined as the basic rhythmic unit in a piece of music. 

The beautifully arranged melody of those multi-talented musicians such as Michael Jackson, Coldplay, John Mayer, Maher Zain, M Nasir and CN Blue to name a few, where their effortless expressions of love and life alike or the soothing voice of Qaris such as Sheikh Jibreel and Sheikh Saad al-Ghamidi, passionately preaching God's words while hoping some of those words brings us closer to God Himself, soothe  the ears after hours of spending the day in lecture halls and filthy hospitals.

Yes, rhythm  never failed me. Either I am hitting rock bottom or soaring sky high, rhythm, has always been and probably will always be a way for me to express myself.

There is also another definition to rhythm. It can mean an interval during which a recurring sequence of events occurs. The repetition of actions, the nature of behaviours.  Now, this definition of rhythm is not as beautiful as the previous one, but it is no less important.

The rhythm of those living around you, orang kita kata rentak masing-masing, kadang-kadang ada orang yang lambat, ada yang cepat-cepat, ada yang pusing-pusing, ada yang loncat-loncat. Most of use, while we  narcissistically focus on ourselves fail to understand that while I may be fast, other people might be faster. While I may be maneuvering gracefully in the air, others may prefer to walk on the ground. It all comes to one thing : compromising. Either to meet in the middle, or to keep up your pace, or maybe slow down a little, if it's for the greater good, then why don't do it?

Hidup kita bermasyarakat, tugas kita bertolak ansur, because we cannot afford to live alone.

For that reason, let's make rhythm as the Word of the Week. 
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