08 February 2011


Salam people.

Am currently in Jeddah patiently waiting for my number (5334) to be called for my flight to Malaysia. Jeddah is seperated with Cairo by some hundreds kilometers only, but the weather is very hot here, very Malaysian-like. To be honest I prefer to be back in Egypt, yes she is not at her best this time of the year, but having stuck in your home is better than stuck in a foreign city where you cannot leave a 20++ year old complex with some other 5000 Malaysians.

Harapan saya agar apabila sampai seru dan saya sudah berkemampuan untuk melaksanakan haji, pihak Tabung Haji sudahpun menaiktarafkan fizikal kompleks ini sebaiknya. Uzur benar!

But hey, at least we have literally limitless supply of food here. And being stuck with some 5000 people also has its perks.
  1. You could learn to adapt with the worst situations you could imagine like malfunctioning toilets, a very poor shower, and that feeling where you are irritated to your guts because you don't know when the f will you leave this place. Sigh. 
  2. You could also meet new people and reconnect with old colleagues (although some acted as if he has never knew you before).
  3. You will strive to continue living while being disconnected with the outer world. So, jom main Left4Dead.
  4. You learn to appreciate the little things, every possible activity to heave yourself through this virtually endless age of boredom-ness. 
  5. You learn to wait. Macam padang mahsyar HAHA naudzubillah exaggerated, sorry. But yeah, I hate waiting so.

How I wish to be part of the Egyptian Revolution, Do you know that the mean age of the Egyptians is 24, and from what I could catch while changing the channels between Al-Jazeera and CNN, most of the protesters are youths, which in turn dubbed the revolution as a Youth Revolution. Jika mahu lihat masa depan sesuatu bangsa, lihatlah keadaan pemudanya (hadis kot, tapi tak pasti taraf hadis ni)

So congrats! Egypt, You earned my respect again.

p/s : menyesal tak bawak al-Quran.

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yana said...

ayuz nak book tket dari jeddah k kl...boleh k?kalo bole bgtau..

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