18 February 2011



I've entered a very dark territory where I started to not care about the 'bad deeds' I've been doing. 

The difference about being negative and being realistic is major. Being negative is to expect the worst from everything, and being realistic is to consider the cons of any situation. For example, when you study for an exam, there is a possibility for you to barely pass the minimum marks if your effort is just so-so. This is called being realistic, you don't expect an excellence from someone with an average IQ with average work.

Sunnatullah : read here and here

This is called the Laws of Life. Sunnatullah. The saying 'you reap what you sow' is brilliantly accurate, you don't get strawberries when you use tomato seeds. You get what you worked for. One plus one will always be  equal to two, and if there is somehow a way for one plus one to become another number, please forgive my ignorance. From sunnatullah comes physics, mathematics, economics, grammar, psychology, and anatomy and if I have the energy to write all of them, I might have.

There is also a hadith where Allah said , 'I am what you expect from Me.' Aku adalah seperti sangkaan hamba-Ku. Yes you should expect the best from God, naudzubillah do not ever expect the worst from Him, because your words, albeit out loud or in private are your prayers. But before this law comes to order, Sunnatullah comes first.

Bill Gates didn't gain $50 billion over night, he worked his ass off creating an empire where today millions of people are using his products excessively.

Saladin didn't conquer Al-Quds willy nilly, his dedication to God, his determination and his effort to please Him were legendary, a billion of good deeds from today's billion Muslims may not equate to what he had done in the past.

So you expect that Allah will give you Mumtaz with that kind of effort along with your bad records. Really? When you are just another slave of Allah bearing no difference whatsoever to the man next to you, how could you expect that Allah will give you the best? O Allah You knows best for us. Adalah lebih baik jika kelebihan yang dikurniakan Allah itu ditarik balik sekiranya ianya merupakan istidraj.

So, never stop praying so that Allah gives you the best, at the same time you never stop trying to earn your way through. Allah loves those who depends on Him (not that He needs one though )

“Allah created every thing and assigned to its qadar, destiny, role and purpose” (25:2, 87:3)

14 February 2011

Ops Piramid

Salam people.

Malaysia has been hot since the day I arrived home, or maybe she is as hot as ever, I have just forgotten and got so used to winter in Egypt. After about a week of being in limbo, not knowing what tomorrow will do for me, hell yeah I am finally back in Malaysia. Yeay.

Ops Piramid gave me the week that I could not possibly forget not unless I am affected with alzheimer's disease or something similar to its nature. From February 5th to February 12th, from Mansoura, Egypt to Madinatul Hujjaj Jeddah, Saudi Arabia to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I learned a lot during those wonderful days.

You learn to be patient, I mean really patient, when there is not enough room to stretch your own two feet, when you are disregarded as the least of priority, when you don't have proper sanitation in a building of 5000 people with malfunctioning toilets. Mind you, this was a government building. You tolerate the worst condition you usually won't.

You learn that looks can bring you a loooooooong way. Or this is a reminder so that when I own a hospital to not hire a pervert. I was in line in King Abdul Aziz Airport, waiting for my turn at the immigration counter. I was next, when suddenly pak arab tarik seorang perempuan dari belakang sekali bawak pegi depan then halau kitorang ke belakang. Ladies first, gentlemen second he said. Twenty ladies cut in front of us a group of five. By the way, the one girl he pulled up to the front of the line was a real beauty, no doubt. He didn't take the one right behind us, but the hot one. No offence to anyone though.

Apa -apa pun Ops Piramid aku berjalan lancar. Bas bergerak dari Mansoura on time, seat yang elok dalam bas, dapat trip awal ke airport, naik AirAsia ke Jeddah (dapat Charlie sakit!) Sampai Bangunan Tabung Haji, just a few hours lepas sampai terus dapat bilik. Sesetengah orang sampai balik pun duduk gudang. Makan heaven, 3 kali sehari, malam bantai roti canai bangla pulak. Bosan-bosan main poker dengan kencing, cuba dapatkan internet, buat tribal tattoo.

Naik MAS ke Malaysia, seat kedua terbaik (belakang sikit je dari business class). Walaupun nama last minute punya kena panggil, haha nasib baik tak liat nak bangun pagi tu. And the best part is  : everything is free!

Bosan. Dah berapa kali taip, erase, taip, erase. Masih blur.Besok ada doa selamat. -___-"

08 February 2011


Salam people.

Am currently in Jeddah patiently waiting for my number (5334) to be called for my flight to Malaysia. Jeddah is seperated with Cairo by some hundreds kilometers only, but the weather is very hot here, very Malaysian-like. To be honest I prefer to be back in Egypt, yes she is not at her best this time of the year, but having stuck in your home is better than stuck in a foreign city where you cannot leave a 20++ year old complex with some other 5000 Malaysians.

Harapan saya agar apabila sampai seru dan saya sudah berkemampuan untuk melaksanakan haji, pihak Tabung Haji sudahpun menaiktarafkan fizikal kompleks ini sebaiknya. Uzur benar!

But hey, at least we have literally limitless supply of food here. And being stuck with some 5000 people also has its perks.
  1. You could learn to adapt with the worst situations you could imagine like malfunctioning toilets, a very poor shower, and that feeling where you are irritated to your guts because you don't know when the f will you leave this place. Sigh. 
  2. You could also meet new people and reconnect with old colleagues (although some acted as if he has never knew you before).
  3. You will strive to continue living while being disconnected with the outer world. So, jom main Left4Dead.
  4. You learn to appreciate the little things, every possible activity to heave yourself through this virtually endless age of boredom-ness. 
  5. You learn to wait. Macam padang mahsyar HAHA naudzubillah exaggerated, sorry. But yeah, I hate waiting so.

How I wish to be part of the Egyptian Revolution, Do you know that the mean age of the Egyptians is 24, and from what I could catch while changing the channels between Al-Jazeera and CNN, most of the protesters are youths, which in turn dubbed the revolution as a Youth Revolution. Jika mahu lihat masa depan sesuatu bangsa, lihatlah keadaan pemudanya (hadis kot, tapi tak pasti taraf hadis ni)

So congrats! Egypt, You earned my respect again.

p/s : menyesal tak bawak al-Quran.

03 February 2011

Still alive!

Salam people.

 January 25th was a memorable day indeed. Am currently stuck still in Mansoura where live goes by as normal as it can be, except maybe the streets are unusually empty this time of the day. The emo clerk in the Manchester office is still there doing her menial job for us when we visited her earlier today. The fact that I can still goes out whenever I want shows that albeit the demonstrations being held in Gala2 and Tir3h street, life is literally safe here in our little town. 

Even the program coordinators think that the situation will resolve and we have nothing to worry about, because eventhough other universities are closing for one to six months, we will start semester 6 on February 12th. Damn it.

So, berita-berita di Malaysia memang sangat dramatik. Baca sini, sini, dan sini, serius tak boleh blah.
  1. CNN dan Al-Jazeera are exaggerating the situation a  little making it worse that it actually is, well yes it is chaos around Cairo and Alexandria but if you're fed with the same picture over and over again for a period of two days, even the coldest heart will shiver.
  2. No I don't need to sleep with knives and sticks under my bed not because I'm an expert in some Asian martial arts or Kraf Maga, because literally, I don't need to. Except when I need to cut the onions to cook, boy needs to live too right?
  3. No I didn't skip any meals ever since the start of the riot, because get this: our food supply is still aplenty, thank God. Instead we eat like heaven here seriously, char koaw teow, nasi lemak, ayam masak kurma, sambal ikan bilis. Darurat amende?
  4. Yes there were cases of houses being broken into, but even before the riot started there were cases like these too, sometimes up to 6 houses a day. You didn't think to come home to Malaysia back then did you?
  5. Yes we need to be extra careful these days, stay and protect your home and follow the curfew. What we need is a lot of prayers from Malaysia so that it doesn't get any worse that it already is here in Egypt. Amen for that.

Okay maybe tak adil lah kan, aku duduk Mansoura, bandar kecik je. Alex dengan Cairo memang serabut,  bangunan kerajaan kena bakar, kereta polis kena pecah dengan bakar, semua orang keluar rumah pakat bawak kayu/senjata, banduan terlepas (dilepaskan?) walaupun to the Egyptians life goes on as usual early in the morning, with the exception that a curfew has been implemented by the govenrment. 

Yet parents need not to worry much, we are considerably safe here, diorang marah kat kerajaan, diorang tak usik orang awam. Solat tetap solat,  makanan disediakan, lepas riot bersihkan jalan balik. Masih bertamadun. Yang Koptik protect Muslims yang tengah solat, vice versa. Semua dah disusun rapi dalam proses untuk dilaksanakan.

Although I am hoping that after this I could proudly claimed that 

We are safe. Well at least for now. Doakan semua urusan perpindahan pelajar dan pertukaran kerajaan berjalan dengan lancar (takut nak type english hihi). And we wish the best for Egypt and her people.

InsyaAllah Kheir!
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