25 January 2011

New Vocabularies

Salam people.

So, today is the pre-finished period after exam day. Now I'm not saying that OSCE was ever that easy, but it hasn't give me the right vibe to study. So most of us in the Mansoura-Manchester medical program will loof around with nothing to do except yeah you've guessed it, doing nothing beneficial with a hint of guilt for not even trying to start studying. 

I personally blame other people. So as most of us have nothing better to do, let us learn some new vocabularies and terms, may this new enlightment be used by people all around the world to its best.

1. terKorea
Def : an endless feeling of regret and disappointment often experienced by students after realizing that he or she has yet lots to cover for the coming examination while watching a Korean show.
Example : 
Hamada terKorea setelah gagal berhenti daripada menonton rancangan Running Man.

2. Transamination
Def : an incident involving the disappearance of a certain member of a house while he or she magically appeared  in another house. While the location of appearance varies greatly, the time period usually takes at least two days.
Memandangkan peperiksaan akan menjelang dalam tempoh dua minggu lagi, transamination telah berlaku antara rumah CCM ke sebuah rumah di Jalan Hendawi.

3. Anak haram Malaysia 2011
Def : an old saggy porn star who has no self-respect and still has the guts to come on to national television to comment on other people's belief of modesty and morality.
Example :
Saya rasa anak haram Malaysia 2011 itu tidak patut memberi apa-apa komen tentang tindakan wanita itu untuk memakai sarung tangan ketika mahu berjabat tangan dengan lelaki, apatah lagi beliau sendiri pernah terlibat dengan skandal video lucah ketika masih memegang jawatan dalam kabinet.

4. Malak
Def : an act of crying to get extra time on a paper.
Example : Abu telah keluar lewat setengah jam dari dewan peperiksaan kerana beliau telah memalak lima minit sebelum peperiksaan berakhir

20 January 2011

The Power of Pray

Salam people.

Sometimes I wish I could just meet God and ask Him why did He give me these and deny me those, why did He put me at this particular position, and from billions of people, why me? 

God works through the most mysterious of ways, so mysterious that some of us fail to admire His grand plans, His brilliance in His creations. This is why He told us to ask Him guidance, so that He will remove that hijaab that has been blinding us all this time. Anyway, the point of this rambling is that we need to pray, keep praying and never ever (and I mean EVER) stop praying. 

One thing for sure, Allah loves those who depend on Him, those who ask Him for stuff, those who ackowledge their weaknesses in front of Him.. As socially active human, between those who ignore you  and those who are the closest to you, which one do you prefer?
Dan apabila hamba-hamba-Ku (Allah) bertanya kepadamu tentang Aku, maka (jawablah), bahwasanya Aku adalah dekat. Aku mengabulkan permohonan orang yang berdoa apabila ia memohon kepada-Ku, maka hendaklah mereka itu memenuhi (segala perintah-Ku) dan hendaklah mereka beriman kepada-Ku, agar mereka selalu berada dalam kebenaran [2:186]
So, kita ni masa-masa exam banyak kata usaha dulu, lepas tu doa, last sekali tawakkal. Usaha pulak nak kena separuh mati, jadi mat-mat push belaka. Yet we forgot to pray separuh mati, to tawakkal separuh mati. Isn't there something wrong in that mechanism? Especially since we believe that through His power we are able to create, plan and manipulate. His grant is needed for us to create, plan and manipulate our own future, thus we need to pray endlessly. Because we believe in the power of pray.

Usaha separuh mati, doa separuh mati, tawakkal pun separuh mati because the greatest weapon of a believer is his prays.  So, here goes :

Ya Allah, Kau yang Maha Pengasih, Kau ampunkanlah dosa-dosa kami yang buat kami kantoi dalam exam tadi, 
Ya Allah Kau permudahkanlah exam kami yang akan datang hari Ahad ni, 
bagilah kami kefahaman yang super tinggi, ingatan super kuat, supaya kami dapat jawab exam dengan tenang!
Ya Allah kau kurniakanlah kepada kami apa yang terbaik untuk diri kami!

Sila ulang sebanyak 1000 kali sebelum hari Ahad. MCQ has finished. Need to focus on essay and OSCE. Rabbuna yusahhil.

15 January 2011


Salam people.

The benefit you could get from living with over 6 billion people is that there are at least 6 billions lessons to be learned out there. Confucius once said, 
By three methods we may learn wisdom.
First, by reflection, which is noblest;
Second, by imitation, which is the easiest, and
third, by experience, which is the bitterest.

Either way, you need to learn to better yourself. As men are prone to make mistakes and repeating it, even if the bad consequences are there sitting in plain sight. Such as, although I know that I have lots to cover for the final exam, and history has proven that I need all the studying I could ever do, here I am procastinating through blogging. As if this is the only way I procastinate kan? Nasib baik tak terKorea.

So, anyway, wisdom means knowing when and how to be prudent and sensible. To do the right thing,and most importantly, to be good enough to earn your place in heaven. So, kalau baca paper tiap-tiap hari dan banyak yang keluar berita-berita bodoh pasal jenayah rogol dan bunuh, apa perlu kita buat? Baca, post balik, komen cakap 'MasyaAllah, manusia zaman sekarang...'? 

Dahla penggunaan MasyaAllah dah salah, pastu komen pulak sia-sia. Nabi sendiri kata kalau tak ada benda elok nak cakap, baik diam. So, kita reflect. Jangan pandang rendah pada keupayaan diri sendiri, if you think that you can handle yourself by your own, you're dead wrong. We all need that someone who will always be bitter enough to tell you that you're wrong.

Or as for my case, someone who indirectly helps me to become a more secure, better person. :)

Allah juga dah hantar husnul khatimah untuk kita ikut. Along with the greatest man alive, He provided us with the holy book the Quran, the Prophet's Hadith and his decendants, everything is there for us to follow. The easiest of exam, He put us in an exam with an example to cheat with. What more do you want? So, kita  imitate, kita tiru.

And finally, experience. We all are familiar with the saying experience is the best teacher, and this saying is nothing but the truth. When you do stuff that turns out to be your worst nightmare, you are stupid enough to do it again. So, kita belajar dari kesilapan.

Kesimpulannya, to gain an excellent result for the coming exam, I should three things. First, I reflect. I reflect from the things I've done in the past, recalculate the steps I've taken, reinvent new ways to achieve a better result. Second, I imitate. The reason those people who got Mumtaz or Jayyid Jiddan all the effing time is that they do dheir part to earn them. They don't go hours on FML.com or LikeTotallyAwesome, and they spend their time cramming their heads with names like glycine, tryptophan, ozamniquine, metrifonate, beta-blockers, Krebs cycle, and histology diagrams. And third, I learn from experience. Why did I get such poor results last year? Because this lazy ass of mine was too stubborn to study. I need to change my bad habits, obviously.

So rabbuna yusahhil! Ya Allah, kuatkanlah semangatku, tingkatkanlah ingatanku, dalamkanlah kefahamanku.

Semoga berjaya dalam exam insyaAllah.

Happy 21st!

05 January 2011

2 Pengajaran untuk 05012011

Aku tak ingin hidup ini panjang dan nipis,
Aku lebih suka ia pendek tetapi tebal

Imam al-Ghazali, may Allah bless him, once said this, if I'm not mistaken. So you see, Imam al-Ghazali was not a commoner like you and I. His teachings travelled through time, his writings existed up to this day and may be to hundred years to come, and a lot of world reknowned clerics, the brightest of minds in ancient history were born from his madrasah.

No he is not a common man.

Hundreds of years after his death, his teachings lived on and is as lively and brilliant as it was when he was alive. Seeing events after events being held by the people I usually talk to, those whom I spent time before, made me really think about what I could've done if I'm given the opportunity to do the same, if I'm in their shoes.

Well, then, here is where the problem lies. If you're waiting for the opportunity to be presented to your nose, you will go nowhere in life. Especially, when I am at this part of life. People won't go for 'talent searching' when there are already proven ones out there, those who have proven themselves will be sought after.

Seeing what other people are able to do, to organize, to have special skills, to have recognized their own 'logam', they made me think what is my part to do? Where can I dish out my capabilities, where I can prove myself just as worthy and workable as those people can be?

Maksudnya : Manusia seperti logam, terpilihnya mereka semasa jahiliyyah terpilih juga mereka semasa Islam, sekiranya mereka faham. [Baca sini.]

Propably, I lacked the experience, and during those 17 years at school (or at home, for that matter) I wasn't exposed to a lot of organizations, competitions, or anything similar. I was the good boy. A boring life I have lead, haha yes. I'm sure I like everyone in this world has his own part to do kan? Cuma kena cari dan belajar dan bersungguh dan berani. Today, I have to fight for the opportunity, which is usually  both at the most inappropriate of time and limited.

Why should we do so? So that those 60 years of your life is full with attempts, no matter how feeble they may be, of you trying to change this world to a better place.

So hari ni dapat dua pengajaran.
Pengajaran 1: work hard my friend, show what you are capable of, before it is too late!
Pengajaran 2 : Bertindaklah sebelum dia diambil orang :) [Pesanan dari Jebuk11]
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