29 November 2010

The Alchemist : Maktub

Today I have finally, after weeks of procastination, finished reading The Alchemist.

So, overall, novel ini sangat membosankan. Jalan cerita sangat perlahan sampai nak dekat 10 kali aku berhenti baca sebab nak tidur. Thank God the book was not that thick. Even so, I do love exploring the philosophical value the writer offered throughout the book. Behind the nonsense about the Soul of the World or that everything is one whatever that means, there were tens of motivational quotes that I can use in my FB status to make myself look sophisticated than I actually am in person. *smirk*

I guess The Alchemist is not really about Santiago's journey to find his treasure, it is more about how he nascisstically interpreted everything that happened around him to be about him, how the dunes of sands in the desert were conspiring in helping him to achieve his so-called destiny. 

Seriously, sands?

Kind of a bit paranoid there, really, I mean just because there's a car accident in front of the university's front gate, that is not a sign (or an omen) telling me to go home and skip class right? Anyways, Paul Coelho's view of life was nothing except interesting. For a devoted Catholic, his interpretation on life was deep and meaningful, besides not contradicting my own beliefs.
  • To die tomorrow was no worse than dying on any other day. Every day was there to be lived or to mark one's departure from this world. Everything depended on one word: "Maktub."
  • All people who are happy have God within them.
  • One is loved because one is loved. No reason is needed for loving.
  • Everything has been written by the same hand.
  • The wise men understood that this natural world is only an image and a copy of paradise. The existence of this world is simply a guarantee that there exists a world that is perfect. God created the world so that, through its visible objects, men could understand his spiritual teachings and the marvels of this wisdom.

Here are some of the best quotes I could extract from the novel. All in all, I could say that I most probably won't read it again, but the life lessons scattered throughout the book made the book a bearable one worthy to read, slowly and patiently.

26 November 2010

Hari Mengundi

Salam people.

ONE. Today is November 26th 2010. It has been a little over a week since Eid Adha, and class has already started after a two-week break. The Eid was fantastic by the way, first time buat open house, first time masak nasi tomato, jadi kot :D Yes I'm awesome, thank you. My roommates were awesome too, their effort were unimaginably and overwhelmingly astonishing.

So obviously, I am regretting that the holiday is over, I am currently reading The Alchemist by Paul Coelho, and sekarang sedang mengumpulkan seberapa banyak lagu yang wujud (Aim : 5000 Songs in my laptop by January 2011).

Today is also Mansoura's election day, where those who care shall cast their votes. A lot has happened since the candidates' names were revealed to public, ranging form the sweetest and the most sincere of them all, to the nastiest of the nasty. Kelakar ada jugak bila tengok sesetengah orang yang cakap putar belit.

Mula-mula promote satu calon, pastu tiba-tiba kata 'undilah dengan tepat, tak kira siapalah pilihan anda'. Do you know why it is funneyh? Because it just doesn't make sense, no matter how many times you try to read it over and over again, especially the quote in the inverted commas. I should stop here before I get a little too insulting *giggles*.

Kempen yang melampau-lampau, seolah-olah kalau calon pilihan dia tak menang dunia ni akan kiamat, walaupun calon dua-dua insyaAllah terbaik daripada kalangan kita. Maaf,  ini hanya pendapat peribadi. Ah, let them be, I'll do my part and they shall do theirs, and that's how the world should work. Everyone must do their part.

Anyway, selamat mengundi! Moga usaha diberkati Allah. :)

TWO.  Taken from Jebuk's blog, although technically I have no idea how this is relevant here.

Spongebob: what do you usually do when i'm gone?
Patrick: waiting for you to come back.

20 November 2010

7 : 20


This blog has always been about my personal experience in various condition fo which I tried to justify my action with dalil, hadith ect. Most of the time my ego is challenged to a point where the sensible thing to do is to accept that I am wrong, and the other party, if exist, has the advantage over me.
" Dan jika engkau dihasut oleh sesuatu hasutan dari syaitan maka mintalah perlindungan kepada Allah,sesungguhnya Allah Maha mendengar lagi Maha Mengetahui." [7:20]
Yes everyone has their share story of overreacting rage. I myself is one of those people with the lack of ability to control my emotion, although I daresay what I am today is much better than what I was say three years ago. What is not normal though is a man who refuse to frown, even the Great Prophet got mad, and he was the most patient man since the age of Adam and Eve, until God knows when.

First of all, I have reasonS to get angry. Something as silly will not trigger the fire, no I am not that shallow. Sometimes I do get frustated about the smallest of things, but if I can still find the strength to tolerate, I shall. Yet I am one of those people that keep his frustation bottled up uptill one day, like the Merapi in Java, I erupt. Yeah cheesy juga ayat ini, but behind the cheesiness there's a great truth of which we can not ignore.

Baca Dr Fadzillah punya Rahsia bulan Kelahiran.Kelakar sebab ada benarnya dalam tafsiran akal dia.

Second of all, ada je cara kau nak buat aku terasa. Padahal aku bersungguh-sungguh nak jaga hati kau.

Obviously, there's no appropriate reason to overreact. Benda simple jangan kita complicate-kan. Tapi degree of anger is not of a man's control, bukan saja-saja nak overreact, most of the time tak sedar pun. Remember that satan is always there to make things worse.

Anyway, ego biar besar asalkan boleh dipecahkan. So, sorry kalau aku lebih-lebih. I believe in the greater good, biar tercalar ego ni supaya sesuatu yang lebih indah akan muncul insyaAllah besok hari. Maybe you should do the same? I have no idea. A simple sorry would suffice, or some sort of sign to show that you respect me the way that I you, as a human being, with feelings. Bukan maaf yang dicari lagipun.

Belajar untuk bersangka baik, belajar empati.

17 November 2010

Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Adha

True brotherhood will agree with this :

If the world makes you crazy and you've all you can bear, You call me up because you know I'll be there.

Semalam buat open house. Thanks all for coming, thanks for all the hard work. Selamat hari raya Aidil Adha everyone :)

13 November 2010

Begin with the end in mind

Salam people.

The mid semester is out. My so-so result equalled my so-so effort but nevertheless it was the best since semester one, which really was just a foundation semester. Which means that I should spend more time with books and less time on Facebook. Damn sangat cheesy punya ayat. *Sujud*

Set goals. Begin with the end in mind.

I am in a two week worth of time to not do anything on purpose as Case 6 will only start on the 24th of November. By the way, selamat hari raya Aidil Adha everyone. Mother sent me money to sacrifice a goat for the coming eid and I could not be more happier to receive kilos of muttons for free :D

Zulhijjah means that according to the Lunar Islamic calender, I will turn 21 on the 24th. No obviously non of us really celebrate our lunar birthday, but I cannot stop reminding myself that I, as a matter of fact, am getting older. This may appear pointless because we grow older every day no matter what the date is, yes. Maybe the fact that I was born on the day 21 years ago emphasised this unwelcomed fact? Probably.

It was a long time ago when a friend of mine said, I quoted, 'tabiat/perangai kita akan jadi susah nak ubah bila umur kita cecah 21'. I'm not sure about the authenticity of this theory neither I have found any references on the matter, but hey he did read a couple of thousands of books more than I have ever done in my probably  isA 60 years of life. Damn this is going to be sad when I'm old.

Note-to-self : read more. and I mean  A LOT more.

So considering he was discussing a legitimate fact because he did say a lot of stuff that didn't make sense but turned out to be true, this means that I have less than three weeks to become a better person. May God help me, Amen to that.

I was summoned to help in a town three hours away at a time when I was extremely tired, lagipun masa tu on the way balik dari Ras el-Bar. Serius penat sehari kat sana walaupun tak buat apa pun, dengan tak cukup tidur lagi hahaha. Out of full respect with the highest degree of selfishness and a smudge of remorse in my conscience, I declined the call. Although my absence didn't really create any problem, I did noticed something about myself. Rupanya aku belum bersedia untuk bersusah.

Sigh. Macam mana nak tubuh ustaziatul 'alam ni? Okay segan kejap. Aku perlukan 'didikan' yang lebih extreme SEBELUM aku 21 tahun. Kot.

Semoga mereka berjaya berprogram, semoga capai matlamat.

07 November 2010


I always remember this moment about two years ago, a few friends and I were at KL Convention Centre visiting the heavily packed PC Fair 2008. Being someone like in the Malay term 'buta IT' I wasn't that fussy with how crowdy the fair was, because I have nothing to buy really. Being apart of something that grand was a treat itself for a 18 year-old like myself back then.

No, it is not the crowd that glued this memory permanently into my head.

As we were wandering aimlessly against every existing men and women, being pushed and pulled by strangers from every angle, I spotted this little girl in a man's arm, obviously his dad. She was looking around, and I think just like myself, we both wondered what were we doing there. Until our eyes met.

I was startled. I looked away quickly, entah. Cuak kot, But then I thought, hey she's barely five, nak takut apa. So I looked back at her, into those innocent eyes, the most adorable I've seen in years. I smiled at her enthusiastically as if trying to say hi through my grin.

She smiled back, even more enthusiastic than mine, and I daresay even more sincere. This immediately made my day.

Until today, I wish I could go back in time just to see that smile again. And no, I'm not a pedophile damnit. 

Berbalik kepada mood exam. Carbohydrates is one of the basic chemical substance in medical biochemistry. There are basically thousands of combinations that make up another million different kinds of carbohydrates. Carbohydrates can't be easily and readily absorbed by the body. Different enzymes such as amylase, maltase and trehalase break them down into simpler forms in different locations. 

When the carbs are broken down, even more different types of transporters are needed to transport glucose, for example, into the blood stream or to the brain depending on the requirement of the said tissue.

Bosan en! Itulah medik especially biochem gila bab* bosan. Kenapa aku decide nak pursue medic dulu aku pun tak sure kenapa.  What makes all of these less of a pain is when you try to relate the situations in them with real life. Such as, like carbohydrates, a man needs to assimilate himself with his sourrounding to be well accepted but at the same time still maintain the quality that made him what he is, just like carbohydrates doesn't decompose itself into separate carbon, hydrogen and oxygen atoms to be absorbed.

The way that the surroundings accept you, you must also do the same with your surroundings.

Variable situations produce variable ways to interact. You just have to hold on to your values as long as you're not against God.

03 November 2010

Thyroid secretion


Dalam physiology of thyroid secretion, the mechanism is simple enough to understand. The hypothalamus releases TRH to the anterior pituitary gland, which in turn releases TSH to the blood and when it reaches the thyroid gland, the gland will release T3 and T4. Then as the level of thyroxin in the blood is adequate, the hormones themselves will send signals to the respective parts in their pathway so that the glands stop releasing more hormones. And as the level of thyroxin in the blood drops again, the cycle begins. 

Again, and again until the body stops to function or if there are obstructions in any part of the pathway.

Betul kan? Ke tak? Ke cane?
Obviously, bila apa-apa sistem dalam badan kita disrupted, badan kita pun akan malfunction. Mata boleh terkeluar, paru-paru boleh jadi tak cukup kuat, kencing boleh berdarah atau mungkin boleh mati. Ya! Boleh mati, awak dan saya, dan mereke-mereka di luar sana juga.

Macam tu lah manusia. As each of us will eventually die and meet Him, wouldn't we you want to meet Him in your best of condition? Macam nak jumpa sekecil-kecil makhluk (awek) dekat bulu kaki pun nak sembur deodorant. Bulu ketiak siap trim licin walaupun dia tak boleh nampak lainlah kau mengada-mengada nak tunjuk.

Tolerate NOTHING lower than excellence, bak kata Dr Latiff. Brilliant. Maka berpesan-pesanlah, saya nasihat awak, awak nasihat kawan awak, kawan awak nasihat kawan kepada kawan awak, dan begitu lah sampai orang yang hujung sekali nasihat saya pula. Do not let the cycle stop. Supaya saya dan awak tak lupa, supaya saya dan awak sentiasa dalam support. As you cannot live alone, support from family, friends and loved ones are uttermost important.

Mode exam. Ini yang terfikir. Maalish!

p/s : still experimenting with Bahasa.

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