24 July 2010

The Big Two O

Salam people.

It has been a week since the turning from 19 to The Big Two O. Yes, I am no longer a teen. God willing I shall be able to vote in a years' time, given that if I am to register as one. Now, being this old I no longer have that privilege to feel special on the day I was born, the idea is silly and a bit gay, truth be told. So I was born today twenty years ago, big deal eh. 

The trip to Bagan Lalang made me love seafood more than ever, not only because it is the only memorable event that happened that day (sedih2), because generally seafood has always been awesome. 

By the way, thanks for the 130++ wishes. 

The most important thing is that as the day comes each year, one must evaluate his self a year ago and the day he is today. Just like a Honda model never stay the same for a year, a man should not too. For myself, I am glad to say I have grown. I have no idea of how much, I'll leave that to the closest to me, let them decide. :)

As we age, a few things should be remembered.

ONE. Life is a process of learning, to learning as if we're lucky we may be as perfect of a servant can be when death comes upon us. As written in the Holy book, quoting, 'Is it the same between those who know and those who don't?'

TWO. Obviously, the older we get the closer death is coming. Prophet Muhammad said that Death visits each of us 70 times a day, which means each of us have 70 chances to die each day. Freaky.

THREE. Thanking is a must. You thank for the littlest of things. Try it! It's refreshing :)

FOUR. Ageing means less time on earth which brings us to what have we done during those years of living. Anything significant? Anything memorable? Anything mind blowing? Leave your mark on the world, let your death day be the saddest day to certain people. Not being 'tak ikhlas' and all, being missed means you have done SOMETHING. Evaluation. What and where are you in this world? What skills do you offer? What difference do you bring to the world?

FIVE. Obviously, growing up means to be a grown up. All that shit about 'maturity' and stuff. 

And if this day comes again next year, I hope I am a better man than I am today. And of course, the world is a better place by then, with less buang bayi stories, less accidents on the road, and more respect to God and his religion. Amen to that. Here's to a better future, an excellent result in the coming exams *raising a glass to all* :D

Ah. growing up stinks. Can't I stay this young forever? Oh shut up, you wish it too. :)

15 July 2010

Though he is fallen asleep, God will not leave him - Rumi.

Salam people.

I took the PUTRA LRT from Wangsa Maju station all the way to Kelana Jaya last Tuesday. That was practically an end-to-end journey, a first time for myself. The furthest I have gone before was to KL Sentral on the same route. Well yeah, that was all but just an ordinary day. The last time I went on the thing, I remembered cramming up the couch as everyone from KL tried to get themselves home by seven. Oh God how that was torture times, 1000 different odour in a space smaller than my room.

But that was a year ago. Last Tuesday was the best ride ever, hands down. I must say the damn train has improved a lot since last year. I was able to sit down all through the 20 stations, with nobody standing in front of me stepping on my leg with his crotch on my face.

Kudos !

By the way, this is a poem by Rumi, dedicated to those who have lost their ways during these empty times.

    Come, come, whoever you are.
    Wonderer, worshipper, lover of leaving.
    It doesn't matter.
    Ours is not a caravan of despair.
    Come, even if you have broken your vow
    a thousand times
    Come, yet again, come, come.

And this is for all Edward/Jacob freaks out there :D

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