23 June 2010

Social Rules

Salam people.

Just got back from Cairo. I have no idea how these Egyptians could make a living in this unbearable heat. Call me manja or whatever, the heat was simply unbearable. Not only that, the city was heavily overcrowded to a point where thousands of people roamed the streets oblivious to the fact that overexposure to the extreme heat could kill. And the fact it's almost impossible to find a taxi with proper windows that can be closed doesn't help.

It's gonna be up to 41 degrees today. Hurrah!

Cairo is better off with more than half of its population is being relocated to another new city. Not the existing ones, please, the others are just as crowded. But yes, I will spend another night in the city again, if given the opportunity.

On results. Alhamdulillah, I've passed the torture, barely. Alhamdulillah. May the next semester be merrier than this one, which was just as fun. I'm thinking I deserve what I have received, although I wish I did better. Oh well. It's time to party baby!

Let's sing Nasyid at the top of our voices (yeah me and Aiman are actually doing this X)
Let's stay up late and wake up early with absolutely nothing to do. 
Let's watch movies after movies, Korean dramas, the English ones too. 
Let's watch Friends reruns. Each episode, each effing season.

Speaking of Friends, I have realised how each of us are bound to obey a number of silent social rules that helps to maintain a, shall I say, 'harmonious' (imagine me doing that finger thing which means brackets or something) relationship between us. They were the simplest of rules, yet many of us always seems to look pass them.
  1. Just because He doesn't say anything, that doesn't mean You are of no wrong.
  2. Do not play with fire if You're afraid to get burned. You can throw shit at people but You can't take some yourself? Learn to swallow shit, some people do so for You.
  3. Not everybody must be like You, because hey, You might be wrong yourself.
  4. Sometimes to shut up ie better than having nothing good to say. This is the Prophet's saying.
  5. Everybody has limits.
  6. Nobody, except God, understands everything. Different people have different reasons. The least you could do is to make an effort to understand. That would make a lot of difference.
  7. Two can play this game.
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