26 April 2010

Lifeline for Gaza

Where is Gaza? Gaza is that little piece of land where today, about 1.5 million Palestinians are being held in the biggest prison ever made. Concrete walls are built around its borders with Israel and Egypt, and Israel is completely controlling anything that comes in and out of Gaza, either from land, sea or air.

Google 'Gaza' for more info :P

As if that's not enough, food supplies are cut and the Palestinians are continuously being suppressed. And as of 15th May 2010, various NGOs from different countries are working together to end this blockage. Lend your hand, show your support, make a donation. Let us see what WE can contribute. :)

Why must we contribute? Gaza is a foreign Arab land surrounded by filthy rich Arab countries, and since we're Malaysian, why should we even bother? Well people, those Arab leaders are too spoiled to lift their asses from their golden throne. Simply, the millions of Arabs who speak the same language, who shares the same God, who owns the world's oil reserve are not doing anything. Simply, because we, just like the Palestinians, are Muslims. Simply, because we are human with hearts and money to spare.

How can the world justify what Israel is doing towards the Palestinians, I could never understand. And WE can NOT do the same. WE must act, we must help!

"This is a critical objective, both to meet immediate humanitarian needs, and also to help empower Palestine to have control over its own future, and to help facilitate the reconstruction of Gaza by bringing in essential building materials currently being denied access through the land crossings with both Egypt and Israel." 
 For more info, do visit the official website and blog.

Put aside our petty differences, and make a move. Be a part of this. Start today!

20 April 2010


Salam people.
ONE. Stories are anoyying. You can make the most ridiculous story and spread it all around, and people will believe it no matter how ridiculous it may sound. And it annoys me especially if a story is made up about me when it involves another person.

Can't you see, I may can tolerate your absurd claims, but he/she may not.
Can't you see, I can consider you words as jokes and let it slip as it is, but he/she may not.
Can't you see, there are things that I don't share with you, because hey, fyi you're a nobody to me.

Not everything you see or hear is true, and not everything you DON'T see or hear doesn't happen. Don't be shallow. If you are too superior to me to accept my wisdom (yeah), remember even the Quran backs me up, for 1400 years already in fact.

TWO. Rasulullah s.a.w. dalam sebuah hadisnya menyatakan : 

Ketahuilah bahawa di dalam badan ada seketul daging, apabila ia baik, baiklah badan seluruhnya dan apabila ia rosak, rosaklah sekaliannya, ketahuilah! Itulah yang dikatakan hati."

Riwayat Bukhari dan Muslim.

THREE. Doctors like Dr ****** can make anatomy appears VERY annoying. Sorry, Doctor.

FOUR: 10 Muwasafat Tarbiyah. May this guide me into being a better man insyaAllah.

11 April 2010

Lame childhood

Salam people.

If there's one question I cannot answer, eventhough I've studied full time 24/7, it would be : How do I describe myself.

Black. Red. Blue. Coldplay. Seafood. Milo Ais. The sea. Coklat. Travelling. Better man By Robbie Williams. A Muslim. A sufi in the making HAHA.

They say singers travel around the world in search of ideas, of experiece, of which I think I lack bad, because they also say Experience is the best teacher. When I was little, I was one of those timid little boys that rarely talks and spend most of his times indoor. I was quiet, I was one ot those 'good boys'. If you knew me long enough, you would know that I rarely had those bruises or scars caused by silly accidents like falling off the swings.

And if you knew me today, you would also see me as somehow, quiet and keeps to myself a lot.

As a 19 year-old, I didn't have that much stories to tell about the experience I had gone through as a child, the weird friends I've had, the crazy adventures other kids had during their childhood. And being around with the same people for three years in lower forms didn't help either. I am not ashamed to admit this, mostly because I think, I repeat, I THINK, I am surrounded by people that I know, if I die, they will cry. Would you?

Anyway, I was a natural at being alone, something I am trying to change ever since I was 16, albeit unsuccessfully. And today, the change is still in progress. How I cared waaayy too much about what people think of me, how I think I was superior that others because of my clean (read : boring)  records at school, all those absurd feelings that has been holding me back all these years.

Yet if I am given the chance to turn back time, honestly,  I would not consider it. Yes, my accomplishments may not be that amazing. Yes, my childhood my not be as colourful as others, but God knows better. Who knows, if not because of my lame childhood, I would have turned out a lot worse. What, and change all the good fantastic things that is happening today? The friends I've gained, the life I got here, the mother I've just come to realise how precious she is. No thanks, sir! I will fight will what I have!

Although I wish my parents had been a little more encouraging, I still owed them my life. May Allah bless them and grant them good health.

Argh, all this melodramatic or as people say 'emo' stuff is making me sick. Maybe because of the sins I've committed. HEY, if you could still smile after doing something wrong, shame on you. (not that I did anything LOL)

How do people describe me eh? A question I shall never know the answer.
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