26 March 2010

Gamassah, Damietta.

Salam people.
ONE. Just got back from Gamassah, Dumyat. It reminds me of a very much dead version of Port Dickson. The water was ugly, sad to say. Literally, there were hundreds of empty apartments ready to be rented. So imagine a town designed to occupy 10 k people, but with only a mere 100 of those still alive; maybe a zombie apocalypse massacred the rest? I don't know LOL.

Yet we did have the time of our lives :)

By the way, to those ambitious film director-to-be, Gamassah is a perfect place to shoot a movie about apocalypse, war or of horror genre.

"Hidayah itu milik Allah. Dia akan berikan hidayah kepada sesiapa yang dikehendaki-Nya,".

TWO. A well known fact, but barely understood by many. Maybe the degree of understanding something differs? Yes, obviously. Impossible that is to find 100 people with the same idea. How we are raised roughly defines what we are today, and to speak about that took a whole other post LOL.

From what I understand, the above fact means that we have no power whatsoever to push our ideology/level of understanding onto other people. As simple as the professor cannot shove the whole chapters in Guyton and Hall's Textbook of Physiology onto us in one day, it goes the same with everything else.

So when you see....maksiat (whatever) in front of you, should you do something? Yes, of course, according to the three steps proposed by the Prophet p.b.u.h. When you see someone wearing a very 'transparent' dress, you shall NEVER EVER take a blanket out of your bag (if you are that passionate about 'membanteras maksiat' haha) and cover her up. That would be a huge insult to her, to anyone for that matter, regardless of his/her wrongdoings.

The point is, appropriate measures need to be taken for a better, long-lasting outcome. Well , this is according to my logic anyway, based from what I understand from school etc. Feel free to contradict me.

Quoting from this ridiculously childish but brilliant friend, ' Iman itu terbukti melalui tiga perkara, pertama melalui hati, kedua melalui lidah (kata-kata), dan ketiga melalui perbuatan (amal). Kalau tak cukup salah satu, dekat mana iman kita?'

That hilarious bastard HAHA.

16 March 2010

To be or Not to be

Salam people.

From what I understand, there has always been in everybody's life where at some point the ongoing struggle to be what YOU want to be and what PEOPLE want you to be comes up again and again. (and again) Matters like faith, belief and principals often overlap each other. And most of the time, we are trapped somewhere in between, which in the end left us somewhat mediocre and unreliable.

A simple example is during that time right after SPM, from which our excellent straight As result opened up opportunity to take glamorous or highly overrated courses like medicine and engineering, when your true passion is in journalism. Heck medicine and engineering are so overrated almost every parent told their children to be one of those, mostly because of social pressure that regards anything less than titles like 'doctor' or 'professor' are shameful, maybe not directly, but most of the time you can sense the disgust people have on title-less professions. 

And in the end, we are left clueless, I might say because at 18 years old, you couldn't care less about the world. So which one is it? Either to pursue that suppressed talent in you or do what everybody else wants you to do for the rest of your life?

Ah, social pressure, why can't you leave me alone?

This is where questions, serious questions need to be answered by you and YOU only.

Why am I doing this?
Why should I be doing this?
Where am I 20 years from now? Any goals or dreams to fulfill?
Am I prepared to be mediocre for the rest of my life?
Am I doing that is what people around me is doing or because of I think this is the right thing to do?
If things change from this to worse or otherwise, will it change my stand, my principal?

Of course, not everything we want is exactly the best option to choose. Like the Quran said, not everything we like is good for us and vice versa (I can't remember from which verse is this, can someone enlighten me in the comment section please?). There is check and balance in everything. 

Such as if there is no social pressure at all, maybe to shit in public is nothing to be fussed about. What most of us lack is the ability to differentiate between the good, bad and the ugly. Like the old saying, experience is the best teacher, struggle is the method of choice, the 'gold standard'. 

Most of the time, sacrifice is a must. This is where God comes in, more or less to explain to us that pointless life is, well, pointless. The Holy Book and the Prophet are here to guide us all.

Be true to yourself, have faith in God, and NEVER pretend.
God bless :)
My Lord! Vouchsafe me wisdom and unite me to the righteous. [26:83]

04 March 2010


Salam people.

It is funny how sometimes simple phrases can bring back the best from the past. A simple example is from case 1 of semester 4, where the abbreviation NTD was used. Back in the school days, NTD stands for the epic freedom of hostel life. NTD was the symbol of a grand rule that everyone in some point of our little school lives, had broke no matter how nerdy you may be at school. 

The funny thing was NTD was nothing special, was just a mixture of everyday dishes thrown together with a superior feeling than even the baddest ass of the teachers cannot suppress. NTD was Nasi Telur Dadar, a whole lot of plain nasi putih with telur dadar and traditional Malay soup smeared with some tomato sauce on top, bought from that gerai makan 10 meters from the boys' hostel compound for RM 2 each. 

Of course, nobody can defeat the grandeur feeling how NOBODY, I repeat, NOBODY can take away from us no matter how many canes and penalties they threw at us.

NTD was the symbol of KISAS, the symbol of a grand hostel life that no other school ever experience.

Exaggerated maybe, but to me those three letters brought the memories from the best time of my short life, although I was literally a nobody at school before. The teachers, the seniors, the tazkirahs, the liqa muhasabah (pfft), the retarded friends and of course, the bakso :)

Today, after almost three years of leaving the secure life of teenage-hood, the abbreviation presented itself again, but with a totally different meaning. NTD today stands for Neural Tube Defect, a part of the beginning of my journey to be a medical officer, a part of a beautiful journey insyaAllah.

And obviously, from today onwards NTD will no more be that symbol of rule-breaking from school life. NTD is just another congenital anomaly that has dumbfounded even the brightest of minds today. NTD is just another from thousands of diseases that we shall encounter and assist insyaAllah in the near future.

This will be a bitter path obviously, but those around me will make it bearable.Yes, even the retarded ones.  Thanks Mama, thanks all.

jadi, pa lagi, cabut internet, pegi study!

note: this picture is general and not pointing to any specific person.
Enough said.
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