27 February 2010

Saya tak mahu jadi seorang Rasis

Salam people.

I have tried again and again not to be racist against the local Egyptians. But kudos O Egyptians, how you guys have always proved me wrong. I am this close (signalling my thumb and index finger to almost touching each other) to completely hate you guys, but I will not, thanks to the likes of Dr Saed, Dr Dalia, Dr Azza and some lot that treat us human. Thank You Allah for these people because they made me realized how you guys are amazing people, with some breeds of idiots contaminating your society. Well I guess I have to keep a wider opened mind, if that makes sense at all, because frankly there are idiots in every part of society.

In which part of normal society that allows you to criticize everything that you have never encountered before? Just because YOU cannot grow straight hair like us, that doesn't mean we have to cut our hair to be like that abomination you called 'hair'. Or maybe if you can't resist feeling superior than other people race, do supply me with 5 tonnes of hair gels, maybe that will last for a month? Remember this : Just because we practice something out of your norm, that doesn't make them haram.

So when we Malaysians smoke shisha, we become non Muslims eh? But that's not the case for your people? So is it because you speak Arabic or because the Prophet was an Arab, you are holier than us the 'hongga bonggas'? Before you talk to us about sharia, you should stop selling drugs first, please. 


Last Thursday we went to ARMA for a talk about Shia. It was an amazing experience both informative and enjoyable indeed. The sheikh from Al-Azhar University made me regret for not taking Diniyyah. See? there are still existing amazing and good Egyptians out there. May Allah bless all of you. :)

The curse of Anatomy has strike yet again. Semester 4 will cover much about neuroanatomy, a damn lot about the anatomy and osteology of the head and neck and of course, with embryology on the side. We will strive insyaAllah, given the time and consistency. Wish me luck people.

O Allah please bless me with sufficient amount of time and effort so that I will receive better results at the end of this semester. Amen.

Happy 21st Bro :)

19 February 2010

7 reasons.

7 reasons why Egypt is awesome

  1. I have to do everything by myself, which is good character building :|
  2. Home to one of the old version of Seven Wonders of the World. I am a fan of architecture I guess.
  3. Egypt is closer to Europe - Travel addiction dammit.
  4. Abundance of Islamic scholars etc.
  5. Even if you're an outsider, you can feel and enjoy the very close bonds celebrated among the locals. Mansoura is like one hell of a giant village where everybody knows everybody.
  6. You can see the likes of who in Malaysia will be regarded as mat rempits and druggies, that listen and memorize the Quran. 
  7. I love the language :)

7 reasons why those reasons are invalid.

  1. When everything is cheap, you have to pay extra for everything. Especially, if you're a foreigner and especially, since I have no money.
  2. The locals are loud, their music is damn annoying.  
  3. I can't drive here, it's suicidal to do so.
  4. The locals are incapable to accept other race's culture. The ones that do, have been outside of the country for a significant period of time.
  5. It's hot. I hate summer, and it never rains. I love rain.
  6. I don't understand the language, even though my language skill is somehow sufficient for me to survive.
  7. Medicine is a LOT of work.

7 reasons why I would rather be in Malaysia.

  1. My family is there.
  2. Money is not an issue. Okay I lied. Money is less of an issue.
  3. Malaysia is food heaven dammit!
  4. We have mamak stalls, cinemas, bowlings etc which means a lot to in our free time.
  5. I can drive.
  6. No 'dangdut arab' over there. I have them on my phone hahaha.
  7. Phone credit is cheap, seriously.

7 reasons why I need to stay in Egypt.

  1. I am doing medicine. It is far cheaper here than in Malaysia.
  2. I need to develop social skills, which means I need to be independent, to step out of my comfort zone.
  3. Egypt teaches me to enjoy the little things.
  4. Friends are here.
  5. Egypt is the beginning of one beautiful journey insyaAllah.
  6. I want to master Arabic.
  7. TRAVEL ADDICTION. Blease give me my money.

All in all, I would be here after all if I was ever given the choice. Life is great, Egypt is great. All you have to do is adapt. Selamat habis cuti, selamat study semula.

15 February 2010

Travelogue : Sinai Trip 2010

Salam people.

Trip around Sinai a few days ago [9-11 February 2010] was indeed one of the best times in my short life. If I was asked to choose one word to describe it, awesome would be an understatement.You can only understand it if you are there.

From the Suez Tunnel to Egyptian-Israeli border of Taba and everything in between, especially Dahab and Mount Sinai. I will never forget this part of my life.

One thing for sure - Sinai opens a whole new concept to my stingy little life : travel addiction. Gah, Bucket List kena diperbaharui nampaknya.

ancient graves.

puncak Sinai.

claimed to exist since Prophet Ilyas's times.

view from top of Sinai.

Makam Nabi Saleh (allegedly)

patung lembu Samiri, terjumpa Si Gemok.

Blue Hole, Dahab. P/s: the Red sea is one of the major snorkelling sites in the world.

Kubu Salahuddin, Taba.

If I am ever offered to go to Sinai for the second time, I would definitely consider it :)

Oh. Duchess mati semalam, 14 February 2010.
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