23 January 2010

Stereotyping - who am I to judge?

Salam people.

According to Wordnet of Princeton University, stereotype is defined as a conventional or formulaic conception or image. In other words that labeling thing we do when we see a group of people, a painted image, perceived by the society onto a certain group of people to behave in a certain way.

Like a Malay is usually lazy and stupid.

Or a Chinese eats pork and in unable to pronounce the letter R.

Or an Arab only eats tokmeyyah and cannot provide excellent service.

And, like any other common man, I too succumbed into this shallow system practiced by the society which in a way limits our interaction with each other. I myself prefer not to be involved with someone that smokes, because I imagine those who smoke as the type that is self-centered, shallow and fake.

So I limit my contact with these types of people, of which now I find it stupid and ignorant. I cannot imagine those who I labelled as 'bad people' think the way I think, interested in the stuff that I'm interested in, and love the same thing that I love.

I ask myself, why can't I treat them the same way I treat 'my kind'? Am I better than them? No. Am I too good for them? No. Am I that perfect to perceive myself as the 'good people'? No.

Didn't God made us imperfect, so imperfect which makes us like a giant jigsaw puzzle, without each other, we are frail and incomplete?

Yes, I may be better in some way. I am, too, with flaws only God knows how much. The point is, I can never imagine that this guy, to be exact, cares like I care. He reads the news like I do, he evaluates the pros and cons like I do. Maybe, he cares more than I can ever be.

Who am I to judge?

***G: hrmm
***:G eh nk tanya ni
***G: skang ko pcm ek
***G: ak ingat nk join la..under bahagian pendidikan
Fikri Prastanta: btol?
Fikri Prastanta: ak bg nama
Fikri Prastanta: tp ak bwh ek**********
***G: yup
Fikri Prastanta: boleh je ak forward nama ko kat ubai
***G: ketua bahagian pendidikan akram kan?
Fikri Prastanta: x2
Fikri Prastanta: akram wakil batch
***G: azizi pcm gak?
Fikri Prastanta: azizi?
Fikri Prastanta: xpasti la
***G: ha ok gak
***G: ko bg la nama tu nnti
***G: papehal exam dlu a

The rest of the conversation is deleted due to exam-stress syndrome.

I considered this guy as the type than didn't give a damn about what is not about himself, just because he is from outside of my circle of usual friends, just because he smokes and do stuff I find appalling. Now he offered his time and energy to the body that judged him dirty, that treated him like shit. Well, not THAT bad, but yeah, the word 'dirty' says it all.

I did consider myself to be holier than them once, but not anymore, for a long time, insyaAllah. After some personal experience from the past, I have decided to be more open with people, to treat people that differs than I am the same way I treat everyone else.

I am no better than you are, and you may be better than I am. I have no right to judge you before knowing you, and for that I offer my deepest, most sincere apology (of which I hope you never read my blog LOL).

p/s : to another You, trust is the best thing you can grant your friend.  ^_^

21 January 2010

Pure Happiness?

You can have all the money in the world and still be miserable.

You can get the best result in the most difficult exam and still feel empty.

You can be with the person you love the most, and still feel lonely.

You can have thousands of friends and still feel left behind.

You can live in the most peaceful, exclusive neighborhood and still feel miserable.

You can get everything done your way, and the world still be against you.

You can do whatever you want with your life, but it's just ain't enough.


So, the question is, is there such a thing as pure happiness?
Obviously, no. Wish there is, though. Exam is such a mood killer. Exam is such a waste of time. Exam is *put insult(s) here*.

Sigh. Sigh again. Sigh one more time.

Dear Allah, I wish to talk to You, face to face.

p/s : Never underestimate the importance of listening - Dr 'JD' Dorian, Scrubs.

18 January 2010

Countering Stress - The Prastanta Way.

Salam people.

A friend of mine told me that my blog is 'skema' and 'boring' and 'tengok tajuk je dah terpikir nak baca lain kali'. Well I don't blame him for saying such hurtful words (pffft) and I'm not correcting him either. Yes, my blog is dull, the colours are dark, the topics are who-gives-a-shit, and I'm writing in a foreign language. So no wonder my blog is boring.

Anyway, who cares. Need I to remind myself that the purpose of this blog is to express, not to impress? I do look forward to people's comments, but I don't mind if I didn't get any. It is better not to have comments on a post that really means something to me that have like say 11 comments on an effing SMILEY.

Yes. A smiley. No pun intended though X).

Anyway, since the bloody exam is around the corner, managing stress is important. There are many things that can contribute to rise our temper, such as stupid Arabs and their promises. Here, in Egypt, 'bukra' is not tomorrow, 'bukra' is 'come tomorrow, then we'll what's going to happen'. And usually, things will not be as we hoped it would.  So here are some of my personal, somewhat effective ways to keep my stress level not to go haywire.

ONE. Do stupid stuff like leaving weird comments on people's Facebook, or make a bet that costs you money, or even spend every night in cafes and restaurants. Keep your life as interesting as possible. Remember, when you don't have any friends, everything you do will be dull as hell.

TWO. Jogging. I have tried this only at least a couple of times, but I found it to be an amazing mood swinger and confident-building. No duh, it's scientifically proven.

THREE. Kill a rat. Or rats, whatever. You don't know how good it is seeing the rat's skull got smashed into pieces. I do. And I cannot wash off the horrible feeling so far, and it has been two days. Anyway, I killed three, two I bashed them into pieces, one I drowned in cold water. Err did I say this helps? Apparently it does, albeit the horrible, guilty feeling. It's a kind of guilty pleasure I guess.

Tribute to Zay (the victim), Shahir (the good looking one), Amin (the new boss) and Muaz (mencemar duli).

The Culprits. Three of them died because of my hands.

FOUR. Eat. Eating helps you to relax. No need to explain this, but I have to say this involves a lot of money.

FIVE. Have a pleasant relationship with everyone. Not that kind of relationship, you stupid ass. Relationships are not only between a man and a woman, but also, between a man and his friend. Loose the knot , keep the rope straight, and put it in a safe place. At least until the exam is over.
Saidina Umar AlKhattab - Nikmat yang paling berharga selepas nikmat Islam dan Iman, adalah memiliki SAHABAT yang soleh. Jika kamu mendapati kewujudan kasih sayang antara kamu dengannya, maka peganglah dia bersungguh-sungguh.
SIX. Remember to keep a clean praying record. This means you must not leave any undone, pray as early as you can, and, for guys like me, if possible, you must attend the mosque, every time you hear the prayer calls.

SEVEN. Have a motivating partner. Make plans with someone to keep each other motivated, so your spirit will be up high all the time. For me, we exchange reminder through Facebook. So apart from being helpful, it's fun as hell, trust me. (:

EIGHT. Buy a hamster. Seriously. Ignore the Kill a Rat part though. Argh, stupid Arab's promises.

Hope this helps :) And again, may MUMTAZ be within our grasps. Amen. Also, Congratulations Muhammad Al-Amin bin Abdul Razak for being elected as the new leader. Respek hang!
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