29 December 2010

End of 2010


2010 is near to its end. Unlike most people, I open and close my book on my birthday, July 18 every year. So, the beginning of a year like 2011 will be a mark to the second part of my book, where I reevaluate stuff and redesign my goals, because although I've set plans in my head, the plan usually went under the rug forgotten and left to rot.
So anyway, for every new year you just have to look back about how the world has treated you. Things you regret, things you've lost, things that have left you, things that made you feel special, things that show you that some glimmer of hope is there shining too brightly for you and your love, things that changed the world, and how you wish the new year will treat you.

It may seems ridiculous to some of us to forsee this kind of stuff, but this is how you appreciate time. Time is the only thing that we have to have some control on our own lives. If we lose time, we will lose everything else.

This is just me saying. Anyway, the beginning of 2010 was extremely excellent, but near the end it kind of sucked. Sucked to me personally, nationally and nternationally that made you say, ' what kind of viral stupidity has been infecting the world?' Why nationally? Bila Malaysia tangkap orang Syiah  macam syiah ni sejenis cult yang puja setan, bila keluar khabar-khabar angin yang sangat tak sesuai untuk orang-orang yang berpangkat menteri Malaysia, bila basically Malaysian politics is going deeper up his asshole. Why internationally? When a 100% Muslim country spent million of dollars to decorate a Christmas tree (read here). You don't even have rain, you dumbasses. So TIGA harapan utama aku untuk 2011 adalah :
  1. Supaya dapat at least Jayyid dalam finals Sem 5 dan Sem 6.
  2. Supaya dapat kumpul duit untuk Winter 2012.
  3. Supaya aku jumpa balik member baik aku yang 'hilang'.

InsyaAllah Kheir!

26 December 2010

Kerja tanpa Habuan


Kenapa nak kerja penat-penat tapi in the end tak dapat apa-apa? Habis duit, habis masa, habis tenaga untuk sesuatu yang tak benefit dekat diri sendiri. Kita penat-penat  syok sendiri tapi orang lain dapat hasil. I could leave anytime I want because I can, and there's nothing they can do to stop me. And believe me, they need me more than I need them.

Even so, itu bukan isunya. Seronok buat kerja bila dapat tengok hasilnya depan mata. Suddenly all the money, time and energy spent apparently for nothing were worthed after all. Even kalau orang tak nampak hasil kerja kita, sampai ada orang boleh kata aku tak buat kerja, (nak saja lempang, kau tak tahu apa-apa kau nak komen lebih-lebih) itu bukan yang kita cari : untuk dilambung tinggi sebab menyibukkan diri.

Anyway, be sincere in whatever you do. When you know that nobody sees what you've done, the beautiful ending will be there waiting for us who worked our asses off because we earned it, fair and square.

Finally, remember : discipline is of utter importance here. Yes I've lost abundance of time, but I do have a great deal left ready for use. InsyaAllah kheir, insyaAllah score finals because years ago, a British physician once said that the radio has no future, well we've proved him wrong.

I guess nothing is impossible with some hard work and discipline

p/s : Congrats Malaysia! A 3-nil win against Indonesia :)

18 December 2010

Sungguh sampah


They say that small-minded people discuss other people. 'Small-minded' a polite way to say 'dumb'. Yet how is it one would not talk about other people when people are all around us?

Maybe to discuss other people has different meaning to you and I. The people around you defines who you are. Your friends are the summary to your personality. They empower you to step up and become more than average. Most importantly, those around you are indirectly your teachers.

You learn from those around you. Such as, when I myself see this one person going through one of the most devious challenge of life itself, and for the better part of it he came through as strong and proud, as if nothing has changed at all, it made me think that what I am going through personally is total garbage.

Al-fatihah untuk arwah ayah beliau.

06 December 2010



Teringat zaman sekolah dulu time kelas Bahasa. Every once in a while the cikgu will give homework to do either rumusan, ringkasan or a simple 200++ karangan. I remembered how a torture every Bahasa class was, I was never a fan of the language eventhough I was born technically Malay. Even today I still prefer to write in English, which of course you may have noticed that this was not a language I proficient in either.

So anyway, the worst part of doing a karangan was when the title given was simply a dead-ass boring one. Karangan was where my menggoreng skills become uttermost useful yeah baby. So in the end, even after 20 years of using Bahasa as my first language, I am sad to say that I suck bad. Real bad, actually. I simply just didn't read and write enough, I guess. 

I blame the TV, they made Bahasa sound extremely lame :P

That was three years ago. That was when someone had the power over me to push me to write about something I have never considered to take space in my thoughts before. That was when I could pull off a three pages of 'kesan gejala sosial kepada masyarakat' in less than two hours. I used to loathe it back then, but today I kind of missed it. I missed the time when I was given a thought-provoking topic leaving me wondering to the endless possibilities of how I could solve a problem if given the opportunity. Well yeah I guess I'm just being optimistic.

Even if I was forced to do it unwillingly, what made it bearable was the thought that they made me think outside the box. They made me cross the borderline where I need to think about something else beside myself, and most importantly, they made me think.

Today, I am lost without words. Hundreds of times I tried to write something in this blog that only ended up with me leaving the page blank still after three hours especially bila ada orang kutuk blog ni boring haha. So, it comes down to this, it is very hard to think about something beside our petty problems.  By the way it is very ironic how as we grow older and supposably wiser, and as we started to mingle with society, we stop to appreciate the wondrous diversity coexisting around us and started condemning each other.

Dulu, orang bagi tajuk kerja kita berfikir. Sekarang kerja kita cari tajuk dan fikir. So, solusinya adalah banyakkan membaca dan timbulkan minat kepada sesuatu supaya otak terus terisi. Dunia terlalu sibuk untuk kita terus khayal dalam dunia sendiri.

Sekarang sedang membaca :  The 30 Principles of Moderate & Balanced Thought via Suhaibwebb.com :D

29 November 2010

The Alchemist : Maktub

Today I have finally, after weeks of procastination, finished reading The Alchemist.

So, overall, novel ini sangat membosankan. Jalan cerita sangat perlahan sampai nak dekat 10 kali aku berhenti baca sebab nak tidur. Thank God the book was not that thick. Even so, I do love exploring the philosophical value the writer offered throughout the book. Behind the nonsense about the Soul of the World or that everything is one whatever that means, there were tens of motivational quotes that I can use in my FB status to make myself look sophisticated than I actually am in person. *smirk*

I guess The Alchemist is not really about Santiago's journey to find his treasure, it is more about how he nascisstically interpreted everything that happened around him to be about him, how the dunes of sands in the desert were conspiring in helping him to achieve his so-called destiny. 

Seriously, sands?

Kind of a bit paranoid there, really, I mean just because there's a car accident in front of the university's front gate, that is not a sign (or an omen) telling me to go home and skip class right? Anyways, Paul Coelho's view of life was nothing except interesting. For a devoted Catholic, his interpretation on life was deep and meaningful, besides not contradicting my own beliefs.
  • To die tomorrow was no worse than dying on any other day. Every day was there to be lived or to mark one's departure from this world. Everything depended on one word: "Maktub."
  • All people who are happy have God within them.
  • One is loved because one is loved. No reason is needed for loving.
  • Everything has been written by the same hand.
  • The wise men understood that this natural world is only an image and a copy of paradise. The existence of this world is simply a guarantee that there exists a world that is perfect. God created the world so that, through its visible objects, men could understand his spiritual teachings and the marvels of this wisdom.

Here are some of the best quotes I could extract from the novel. All in all, I could say that I most probably won't read it again, but the life lessons scattered throughout the book made the book a bearable one worthy to read, slowly and patiently.

26 November 2010

Hari Mengundi

Salam people.

ONE. Today is November 26th 2010. It has been a little over a week since Eid Adha, and class has already started after a two-week break. The Eid was fantastic by the way, first time buat open house, first time masak nasi tomato, jadi kot :D Yes I'm awesome, thank you. My roommates were awesome too, their effort were unimaginably and overwhelmingly astonishing.

So obviously, I am regretting that the holiday is over, I am currently reading The Alchemist by Paul Coelho, and sekarang sedang mengumpulkan seberapa banyak lagu yang wujud (Aim : 5000 Songs in my laptop by January 2011).

Today is also Mansoura's election day, where those who care shall cast their votes. A lot has happened since the candidates' names were revealed to public, ranging form the sweetest and the most sincere of them all, to the nastiest of the nasty. Kelakar ada jugak bila tengok sesetengah orang yang cakap putar belit.

Mula-mula promote satu calon, pastu tiba-tiba kata 'undilah dengan tepat, tak kira siapalah pilihan anda'. Do you know why it is funneyh? Because it just doesn't make sense, no matter how many times you try to read it over and over again, especially the quote in the inverted commas. I should stop here before I get a little too insulting *giggles*.

Kempen yang melampau-lampau, seolah-olah kalau calon pilihan dia tak menang dunia ni akan kiamat, walaupun calon dua-dua insyaAllah terbaik daripada kalangan kita. Maaf,  ini hanya pendapat peribadi. Ah, let them be, I'll do my part and they shall do theirs, and that's how the world should work. Everyone must do their part.

Anyway, selamat mengundi! Moga usaha diberkati Allah. :)

TWO.  Taken from Jebuk's blog, although technically I have no idea how this is relevant here.

Spongebob: what do you usually do when i'm gone?
Patrick: waiting for you to come back.

20 November 2010

7 : 20


This blog has always been about my personal experience in various condition fo which I tried to justify my action with dalil, hadith ect. Most of the time my ego is challenged to a point where the sensible thing to do is to accept that I am wrong, and the other party, if exist, has the advantage over me.
" Dan jika engkau dihasut oleh sesuatu hasutan dari syaitan maka mintalah perlindungan kepada Allah,sesungguhnya Allah Maha mendengar lagi Maha Mengetahui." [7:20]
Yes everyone has their share story of overreacting rage. I myself is one of those people with the lack of ability to control my emotion, although I daresay what I am today is much better than what I was say three years ago. What is not normal though is a man who refuse to frown, even the Great Prophet got mad, and he was the most patient man since the age of Adam and Eve, until God knows when.

First of all, I have reasonS to get angry. Something as silly will not trigger the fire, no I am not that shallow. Sometimes I do get frustated about the smallest of things, but if I can still find the strength to tolerate, I shall. Yet I am one of those people that keep his frustation bottled up uptill one day, like the Merapi in Java, I erupt. Yeah cheesy juga ayat ini, but behind the cheesiness there's a great truth of which we can not ignore.

Baca Dr Fadzillah punya Rahsia bulan Kelahiran.Kelakar sebab ada benarnya dalam tafsiran akal dia.

Second of all, ada je cara kau nak buat aku terasa. Padahal aku bersungguh-sungguh nak jaga hati kau.

Obviously, there's no appropriate reason to overreact. Benda simple jangan kita complicate-kan. Tapi degree of anger is not of a man's control, bukan saja-saja nak overreact, most of the time tak sedar pun. Remember that satan is always there to make things worse.

Anyway, ego biar besar asalkan boleh dipecahkan. So, sorry kalau aku lebih-lebih. I believe in the greater good, biar tercalar ego ni supaya sesuatu yang lebih indah akan muncul insyaAllah besok hari. Maybe you should do the same? I have no idea. A simple sorry would suffice, or some sort of sign to show that you respect me the way that I you, as a human being, with feelings. Bukan maaf yang dicari lagipun.

Belajar untuk bersangka baik, belajar empati.

17 November 2010

Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Adha

True brotherhood will agree with this :

If the world makes you crazy and you've all you can bear, You call me up because you know I'll be there.

Semalam buat open house. Thanks all for coming, thanks for all the hard work. Selamat hari raya Aidil Adha everyone :)

13 November 2010

Begin with the end in mind

Salam people.

The mid semester is out. My so-so result equalled my so-so effort but nevertheless it was the best since semester one, which really was just a foundation semester. Which means that I should spend more time with books and less time on Facebook. Damn sangat cheesy punya ayat. *Sujud*

Set goals. Begin with the end in mind.

I am in a two week worth of time to not do anything on purpose as Case 6 will only start on the 24th of November. By the way, selamat hari raya Aidil Adha everyone. Mother sent me money to sacrifice a goat for the coming eid and I could not be more happier to receive kilos of muttons for free :D

Zulhijjah means that according to the Lunar Islamic calender, I will turn 21 on the 24th. No obviously non of us really celebrate our lunar birthday, but I cannot stop reminding myself that I, as a matter of fact, am getting older. This may appear pointless because we grow older every day no matter what the date is, yes. Maybe the fact that I was born on the day 21 years ago emphasised this unwelcomed fact? Probably.

It was a long time ago when a friend of mine said, I quoted, 'tabiat/perangai kita akan jadi susah nak ubah bila umur kita cecah 21'. I'm not sure about the authenticity of this theory neither I have found any references on the matter, but hey he did read a couple of thousands of books more than I have ever done in my probably  isA 60 years of life. Damn this is going to be sad when I'm old.

Note-to-self : read more. and I mean  A LOT more.

So considering he was discussing a legitimate fact because he did say a lot of stuff that didn't make sense but turned out to be true, this means that I have less than three weeks to become a better person. May God help me, Amen to that.

I was summoned to help in a town three hours away at a time when I was extremely tired, lagipun masa tu on the way balik dari Ras el-Bar. Serius penat sehari kat sana walaupun tak buat apa pun, dengan tak cukup tidur lagi hahaha. Out of full respect with the highest degree of selfishness and a smudge of remorse in my conscience, I declined the call. Although my absence didn't really create any problem, I did noticed something about myself. Rupanya aku belum bersedia untuk bersusah.

Sigh. Macam mana nak tubuh ustaziatul 'alam ni? Okay segan kejap. Aku perlukan 'didikan' yang lebih extreme SEBELUM aku 21 tahun. Kot.

Semoga mereka berjaya berprogram, semoga capai matlamat.

07 November 2010


I always remember this moment about two years ago, a few friends and I were at KL Convention Centre visiting the heavily packed PC Fair 2008. Being someone like in the Malay term 'buta IT' I wasn't that fussy with how crowdy the fair was, because I have nothing to buy really. Being apart of something that grand was a treat itself for a 18 year-old like myself back then.

No, it is not the crowd that glued this memory permanently into my head.

As we were wandering aimlessly against every existing men and women, being pushed and pulled by strangers from every angle, I spotted this little girl in a man's arm, obviously his dad. She was looking around, and I think just like myself, we both wondered what were we doing there. Until our eyes met.

I was startled. I looked away quickly, entah. Cuak kot, But then I thought, hey she's barely five, nak takut apa. So I looked back at her, into those innocent eyes, the most adorable I've seen in years. I smiled at her enthusiastically as if trying to say hi through my grin.

She smiled back, even more enthusiastic than mine, and I daresay even more sincere. This immediately made my day.

Until today, I wish I could go back in time just to see that smile again. And no, I'm not a pedophile damnit. 

Berbalik kepada mood exam. Carbohydrates is one of the basic chemical substance in medical biochemistry. There are basically thousands of combinations that make up another million different kinds of carbohydrates. Carbohydrates can't be easily and readily absorbed by the body. Different enzymes such as amylase, maltase and trehalase break them down into simpler forms in different locations. 

When the carbs are broken down, even more different types of transporters are needed to transport glucose, for example, into the blood stream or to the brain depending on the requirement of the said tissue.

Bosan en! Itulah medik especially biochem gila bab* bosan. Kenapa aku decide nak pursue medic dulu aku pun tak sure kenapa.  What makes all of these less of a pain is when you try to relate the situations in them with real life. Such as, like carbohydrates, a man needs to assimilate himself with his sourrounding to be well accepted but at the same time still maintain the quality that made him what he is, just like carbohydrates doesn't decompose itself into separate carbon, hydrogen and oxygen atoms to be absorbed.

The way that the surroundings accept you, you must also do the same with your surroundings.

Variable situations produce variable ways to interact. You just have to hold on to your values as long as you're not against God.

03 November 2010

Thyroid secretion


Dalam physiology of thyroid secretion, the mechanism is simple enough to understand. The hypothalamus releases TRH to the anterior pituitary gland, which in turn releases TSH to the blood and when it reaches the thyroid gland, the gland will release T3 and T4. Then as the level of thyroxin in the blood is adequate, the hormones themselves will send signals to the respective parts in their pathway so that the glands stop releasing more hormones. And as the level of thyroxin in the blood drops again, the cycle begins. 

Again, and again until the body stops to function or if there are obstructions in any part of the pathway.

Betul kan? Ke tak? Ke cane?
Obviously, bila apa-apa sistem dalam badan kita disrupted, badan kita pun akan malfunction. Mata boleh terkeluar, paru-paru boleh jadi tak cukup kuat, kencing boleh berdarah atau mungkin boleh mati. Ya! Boleh mati, awak dan saya, dan mereke-mereka di luar sana juga.

Macam tu lah manusia. As each of us will eventually die and meet Him, wouldn't we you want to meet Him in your best of condition? Macam nak jumpa sekecil-kecil makhluk (awek) dekat bulu kaki pun nak sembur deodorant. Bulu ketiak siap trim licin walaupun dia tak boleh nampak lainlah kau mengada-mengada nak tunjuk.

Tolerate NOTHING lower than excellence, bak kata Dr Latiff. Brilliant. Maka berpesan-pesanlah, saya nasihat awak, awak nasihat kawan awak, kawan awak nasihat kawan kepada kawan awak, dan begitu lah sampai orang yang hujung sekali nasihat saya pula. Do not let the cycle stop. Supaya saya dan awak tak lupa, supaya saya dan awak sentiasa dalam support. As you cannot live alone, support from family, friends and loved ones are uttermost important.

Mode exam. Ini yang terfikir. Maalish!

p/s : still experimenting with Bahasa.

26 October 2010



Aku teringat semasa di tingkatan empat dalam kelas PQS membincangkan tajuk qiam. Macam mana nak buat qiam ye? Kena ke tidur dulu?

Seingat aku Saidina Abu Bakar berpendapat, tak perlu tidur dulu pun tak apa, boleh je qiam. Saidina Umar pulak kata eh mana boleh, kena la tidur dulu. Dua tokoh besar dalam sirah perjuangan Rasulullah, dua orang yang sangat berbeza personaliti mereka.

Saidina Abu Bakar seorang yang lemah lembut, pendekatan beliau lebih kepada memudahkan. Itu apa yang saya nampaklah. Saidina Umar pulak terkenal sebagai seorang yang tegas dan berani. Takde siapa yang berani nak cari gaduh dengan beliau walaupun beliau isytihar diri Muslim time muslim kena tindas teruk kat Mekah.

Masing-masing ada pendapat sendiri, itu normal. 1 billion manusia bermakna 1 billion cara dibesarkan, 1 billion persekitaran yang berbeza-beza.

Pendapat Saidina Umar, memang lagi menyusahkan, lagi melecehkan bagi orang biasa-biasa macam aku, yang jenis burung hantu tidur pukul 2 pagi. Tapi bayangkan kalau aku (dan siapa-siapa juga) dapat istiqamah dalam kesusahan, bermujahadah dari sehari ke sehari, bayangkan bagaimana kuat aku (dan siapa-siapa juga) boleh terbentuk hasil dari kawal nafsu tidur.

Belajar bersusah-susah, macam orang putih kata, kita bagi orang ikan, dia boleh makan ikan sehari je, tapi kalau kita ajar dia memancing, sampai bila-bila dia boleh makan, tak perlu mengharap orang.

Just saying. By the way kelakar do tulis BM. :P

16 October 2010

3 bulan bro. 3 bulan

Salam people.
'Apasal badan naik ni'

'Kau naik berapa kilo?'

'Wey semangat kau sekarang en'

'Bapak ah kau makan apa wey'

'3 bulan bro, 3 bulan'

'Apasal kau macam bulat semacam ni do?'

These are the snide comments we exchange with each other as we meet again between classes after three month long well spent in Malaysia. I'm not complaining though, I'm happy the way I am although I could afford to lose a few kilos. I'm sure as of this time a year ago my head is full with diet regimes and excersize routines and my heart is oh so full with enthusiasm that it hurts even to stay in bed for 15 minutes for a quick nap in the afternoon. Then the feeling will fade away in a few months time and I will be as chubby as ever sigh.

Moving on, as the journey to doctorhood begins again for the third time, it comes to a point where a pragmatic approach to an effective studying method is in dire need. Dua semester dapat result yang equally bad (MM), you really don't want history to repeat itself for the third time in a row. More over as the clinical phase is approaching fast, I need to change.

Hoping that I have no more to depend so much on other people. All I need is a little patience and a lot of discipline, may Allah bless the effort.

By the way. Just finished reading Bajet (RM)2011. Sincerily, baik kerajaan allocate 5billion yang nak buat menara tu untuk tolong students yang tak cukup duit nak byar yuran tiap tahun. As we're looking forward (yes) to be your slaves for two years, you guys might as well try to win our hearts. We're not asking much, just enough to pay the fees would be suffice. Please?

Or whatever. Tak boleh nak voice out lebih-lebih takut kena AUKU. According to the government my job is to study not to have an opinion on things. We are trained to be programmed robots with no free will.

p/s: dalam proses untuk menukar blog kepada blog berbahasa Melayu, because I don't have a thesaurus.

10 October 2010

Tak bertajuk

Sharing is caring, kata orang. Semoga kita peroleh manfaat yeah.
Ketika Rasulullah saw. duduk di masjid bersama orang-orang, tiba-tiba datang tiga orang. Dua orang menghadap kepada Nabi saw. dan seorang (lagi) pergi. Dua orang itu berhenti pada Rasulullah saw., yang seorang duduk di belakang mereka, dan yang ketiga berpaling, pergi. Ketika Rasulullah saw. selesai, beliau bersabda, "Mahukah saya beritakan tentang tiga orang. Yaitu, salah seorang di antara mereka berlindung kepada Allah, maka Allah melindunginya; yang seorang lagi malu, maka Allah malu terhadapnya; dan yang lain lagi berpaling, maka Allah berpaling darinya."
[HR Bukhari]

 Hadis qudsi
“Aku (Allah) adalah sepertimana sangkaan hambaKu, dan Aku bersama dengannya ketika ia mengingati Aku. Jika ia ingat kepadaKu di dalam hatinya, Aku ingat kepadanya di dalam hatiKu. Dan jika ia ingat kepadaKu di khalayak ramai, nescaya Aku pun ingat kepadanya dalam khalayak ramai lebih baik. Dan jika ia mendekati kepadaKu sejengkal,Aku pun mendekatinya sehasta. Dan jika ia mendekatiKu sehasta, nescaya Aku mendekatinya sedepa. Dan jika ia datang kepadaKu berjalan, maka Aku datang kepadanya sambil belari.”
[HR Bukhari]

28 September 2010

Penyakit hati

Penyakit hati.
Nak ubat sendiri, tak mampu.
Nak minta tolong sahabat, malu.

Nak doa pada Tuhan, tak cukup sedap.
Usaha dari diri sendiri pun kena mantap.

Nak ubat sendiri, tak reti.
Nak minta orang lain ajar, ego tinggi.

Muhasabah tak ada,
Usaha ala kadar saja,
Hah duduk lah macam tu sampai bila-bila.

p/s: Nak berubah kena minta dekat Allah supaya diri mahu berubah.

23 September 2010

Felix Felicis

Salam people.

Over the past few months life has been more or less perfect. Summer 2010 was such a bad-ass compared to 2009! Apart from the usual childish frustrations I have had over the summer, you could say I live my life problem-free. Now, in Harry Potter 6's book there was a potion called Felix Felicis which turns out to be luck in the form of liquid. One who takes a single drop of it will have a perfect day to enjoy, Yes, it's crap but it's Harry Potter.

It must be used sparingly, however, because if taken in excess it causes giddiness, recklessness, and dangerous overconfidence.

I would say that for the past few months life has been too much of a Felix Felicis to me. I have been reckless and overconfident. I overlook the small matters, I ignore the fact that I'm human and I could make mistakes (and God willing may it be a small one!) So after months of being carefree, the effects finally were kicking in, or maybe there had been signs all over the place that I turned a blind eye to. I forgot to pray. I forgot to feel helpless. I forgot that God is where I should turn to if anything happens.

I feel that I don't need anybody to survive. Okay,. exaggeration much but the point is I feel that I am capable to live by my own rules, which is utter bullshit because billions of organisms beside myself means billions of rules.

So then God sent me a sign. A wake-up call that punctured the empty void that has been filling me since the past few months. He was sending me a message that says, 'Who do you think you are to forget Me who gives you everything you own?'

 The sign. Aish!

Forgive me, Allah.. Aku tak mahu hilang rasa kebergantungan kepada-Mu.

13 September 2010


Salam people.

Sometimes I thought, is it wrong to question my own religion, of why certain matters are set in certain ways? At first certainly it brings no harm, if the needed conclusion is made at the end. Yet what if there is no absolute conclusion to begin with? Or what if the inadequate knowledge that I possess renders me away from the truth instead?

Is this a bad habit by the way, to question every single detail? Of course, to some point it's gonna be effing annoying, yes, but I do think it is uttermost important to understand the 'why' before the 'how'.

Clearly, I need a mu'allim. Someone that really has all the answers. I cannot afford to make mistakes anymore, not at this stage of life. By the way, I really missed them, the 'family'. Malaysia has been too empty.

Have been doing some reading on the internet, and the same old confusions came rushing back to infest my head. It will take months to rearrange my thoughts accordingly again. They say behind great men lies a woman. A simple phrase that contains the wisdom to end years of misunderstandings. A word from the wise,
'Play fair, and you shall triumph with respect.'

p/s : 17 days left for Malaysia. :)

08 September 2010

Selamat Hari Raya

Salam people.

Raya falls on Friday of September 10th this year. To me, Raya means :
  1. Dah tak wajib puasa di siang hari, melainkan kena ganti.
  2. Dah tak perlu solat tarawikh.
  3. Kuih raya, rendang, ketupat, lemang, duit raya dan segala isinya according to the Malay custom.
  4. Last chance to be in Malaysia, exactly three weeks in fact.
  5. A continuous battle not to have an All-You-Can-Eat buffet three times a day.
  6. Takbir raya.
  7. A real test field to find out whether the whole month of dedication to ibadah has any effect to one self at all.
  8. Weddings. Not mine, obviously. Friends's.

You may have different meaning of raya, but those were basically what came to my mind when we're talking about the auspicious day. I would love to wish Selamat Hari Raya Eid ul-Fitri to Family, Extended families, Housemates, coursemates, Kisasians who still consider me as a friend, long-lost Keramat friends (may we still be friends after years not talking to each other), Seniors, Juniors, Neighbours, Professors, Teachers and all Muslims around the world in general.

Ampun Maaf zahir dan batin. May this joyous celebration brings us closer together, and may we meet again with the next Ramadhan. Don't forget to takbir and tahmid!

p/s : Currently am hoping for someone who could show me in which part of the Quran or Hadith that says Syawal is anywhere remotely holier than January.

03 September 2010

The story of an Indian woman on a train

Salam people.

To travel across Kuala Lumpur  with the PUTRA Kelana Jaya line was a memorable experience indeed, especially this was the first time I traveled this late. I was really looking forward for the journey, to see what KL is all about when the day is at its end. First of all, kudos orang-orang Wangsa Maju and sekitarnya, you've won the award of 'Penduduk paling kerap menggunakan PUTRA Kelana Jaya line'. I thought the couches would be empty, but oh how I was so wrong.

It is amazing to see different kinds of people in one place. I had several black people on my right chatting excitingly on my left, and a couple of Indian women had a conversation about camera phones in Tamil (I think so, sebab dia cakap camera phone, memory card).

And it was disheartening to see Muslim couples holding each other, dressing inappropriately during the holy month of Ramadhan. Basic common sense kot. At least respect God during the holy month, if you're not doing it in any other month of the year.

But the best of the night was all about this one particular Indian woman boarding the train a few stations after I did. You see, I was wearing kopiah and baju melayu, just to see how people would react on me. And yes, people have a second glance on me, unlike when I was wearing t-shirt in the morning.

Back to the Indian woman. The seat next to me was empty so as she entered the train, she immediately ran to the vacant seat, that until she saw me. The seat was nearest to the door, but she chose to sit at another place. Maybe I am scary-looking, I don't know.

Then there's this crippled guy with a cane boarded the train some time later, and unfortunately the train was becoming very crowded at the time. So she (the Indian woman), after seeing the guy immediately stood up and offered her seat, and mind you, she was sitting very far inside, it is more practical for me to give him my seat, as to what I did (yay me :D). The guy ended up sitting on my seat. None of the others vacated his or her seat, even though they were sitting nearer to the door. And for that I would like to say congratulations Madam, you've proven yourself to be a very considerate human being.

Then she tried to make small talks with this Malay woman, which sad enough tried to ignore her, and give her (the Indian) an annoyed glance now and then. Dear miss, I know you're tired, but I don't think you're that tired to not answer simple questions such as 'Dah beli baju raya ke belum?' The least you could do is SMILE, you're capable to do so with your friend (which I don't know if she's a real woman or not, if you get my drift :P) This wasn't the first I saw this happening.

Mana ye Melayu berbudi bahasa yang selalu kita canang-canangkan.

By the way, enjoy. :)

02 August 2010

Walk the Talk

Salam people.

Almost everybody is familiar with the saying Aim for the stars, because if you miss at least you land on the moon. Yeah yeah it's inspiring and all even if the saying is a bit ironic. To be optimist and a pessimist at the same time. 

The saying is simple enough, which means that if you want to do something, do it as best as you could. Such as trying to get Mumtaaz on exams, or aim to run as fast as 100km/h. Whether if it is doable or not, that's a whole another story. However, if you are gutsy enough to have such aims, wouldn't it be pathetic to have just a so-so effort? You aim for mumtaaz, but you study a week before the exam. 

Enough said. If you are planning to climb a mountain, you must prepare months prior of the journey. You must have the stamina to face ice-cold weather, you must have the proper gear, you need money to buy those gears obviously, and most importantly, you should do it for the sincere reason that You yourself wanted to do it in the first place, not to impress per se.

Success means sacrifice. You know that, I know that. Another important thing to realise is that you should start NOW. Orang tua-tua kata bertangguh itu mencuri masa

24 July 2010

The Big Two O

Salam people.

It has been a week since the turning from 19 to The Big Two O. Yes, I am no longer a teen. God willing I shall be able to vote in a years' time, given that if I am to register as one. Now, being this old I no longer have that privilege to feel special on the day I was born, the idea is silly and a bit gay, truth be told. So I was born today twenty years ago, big deal eh. 

The trip to Bagan Lalang made me love seafood more than ever, not only because it is the only memorable event that happened that day (sedih2), because generally seafood has always been awesome. 

By the way, thanks for the 130++ wishes. 

The most important thing is that as the day comes each year, one must evaluate his self a year ago and the day he is today. Just like a Honda model never stay the same for a year, a man should not too. For myself, I am glad to say I have grown. I have no idea of how much, I'll leave that to the closest to me, let them decide. :)

As we age, a few things should be remembered.

ONE. Life is a process of learning, to learning as if we're lucky we may be as perfect of a servant can be when death comes upon us. As written in the Holy book, quoting, 'Is it the same between those who know and those who don't?'

TWO. Obviously, the older we get the closer death is coming. Prophet Muhammad said that Death visits each of us 70 times a day, which means each of us have 70 chances to die each day. Freaky.

THREE. Thanking is a must. You thank for the littlest of things. Try it! It's refreshing :)

FOUR. Ageing means less time on earth which brings us to what have we done during those years of living. Anything significant? Anything memorable? Anything mind blowing? Leave your mark on the world, let your death day be the saddest day to certain people. Not being 'tak ikhlas' and all, being missed means you have done SOMETHING. Evaluation. What and where are you in this world? What skills do you offer? What difference do you bring to the world?

FIVE. Obviously, growing up means to be a grown up. All that shit about 'maturity' and stuff. 

And if this day comes again next year, I hope I am a better man than I am today. And of course, the world is a better place by then, with less buang bayi stories, less accidents on the road, and more respect to God and his religion. Amen to that. Here's to a better future, an excellent result in the coming exams *raising a glass to all* :D

Ah. growing up stinks. Can't I stay this young forever? Oh shut up, you wish it too. :)

15 July 2010

Though he is fallen asleep, God will not leave him - Rumi.

Salam people.

I took the PUTRA LRT from Wangsa Maju station all the way to Kelana Jaya last Tuesday. That was practically an end-to-end journey, a first time for myself. The furthest I have gone before was to KL Sentral on the same route. Well yeah, that was all but just an ordinary day. The last time I went on the thing, I remembered cramming up the couch as everyone from KL tried to get themselves home by seven. Oh God how that was torture times, 1000 different odour in a space smaller than my room.

But that was a year ago. Last Tuesday was the best ride ever, hands down. I must say the damn train has improved a lot since last year. I was able to sit down all through the 20 stations, with nobody standing in front of me stepping on my leg with his crotch on my face.

Kudos !

By the way, this is a poem by Rumi, dedicated to those who have lost their ways during these empty times.

    Come, come, whoever you are.
    Wonderer, worshipper, lover of leaving.
    It doesn't matter.
    Ours is not a caravan of despair.
    Come, even if you have broken your vow
    a thousand times
    Come, yet again, come, come.

And this is for all Edward/Jacob freaks out there :D

23 June 2010

Social Rules

Salam people.

Just got back from Cairo. I have no idea how these Egyptians could make a living in this unbearable heat. Call me manja or whatever, the heat was simply unbearable. Not only that, the city was heavily overcrowded to a point where thousands of people roamed the streets oblivious to the fact that overexposure to the extreme heat could kill. And the fact it's almost impossible to find a taxi with proper windows that can be closed doesn't help.

It's gonna be up to 41 degrees today. Hurrah!

Cairo is better off with more than half of its population is being relocated to another new city. Not the existing ones, please, the others are just as crowded. But yes, I will spend another night in the city again, if given the opportunity.

On results. Alhamdulillah, I've passed the torture, barely. Alhamdulillah. May the next semester be merrier than this one, which was just as fun. I'm thinking I deserve what I have received, although I wish I did better. Oh well. It's time to party baby!

Let's sing Nasyid at the top of our voices (yeah me and Aiman are actually doing this X)
Let's stay up late and wake up early with absolutely nothing to do. 
Let's watch movies after movies, Korean dramas, the English ones too. 
Let's watch Friends reruns. Each episode, each effing season.

Speaking of Friends, I have realised how each of us are bound to obey a number of silent social rules that helps to maintain a, shall I say, 'harmonious' (imagine me doing that finger thing which means brackets or something) relationship between us. They were the simplest of rules, yet many of us always seems to look pass them.
  1. Just because He doesn't say anything, that doesn't mean You are of no wrong.
  2. Do not play with fire if You're afraid to get burned. You can throw shit at people but You can't take some yourself? Learn to swallow shit, some people do so for You.
  3. Not everybody must be like You, because hey, You might be wrong yourself.
  4. Sometimes to shut up ie better than having nothing good to say. This is the Prophet's saying.
  5. Everybody has limits.
  6. Nobody, except God, understands everything. Different people have different reasons. The least you could do is to make an effort to understand. That would make a lot of difference.
  7. Two can play this game.

02 May 2010


Each morning when I open my eyes I say to myself: 
I, not events, have the power to make me happy or unhappy today. 
I can choose which it shall be.
 Yesterday is dead, tomorrow hasn't arrived yet.
 I have just one day, today, and I'm going to be happy in it. 

Groucho Marx

WoW, 230410

26 April 2010

Lifeline for Gaza

Where is Gaza? Gaza is that little piece of land where today, about 1.5 million Palestinians are being held in the biggest prison ever made. Concrete walls are built around its borders with Israel and Egypt, and Israel is completely controlling anything that comes in and out of Gaza, either from land, sea or air.

Google 'Gaza' for more info :P

As if that's not enough, food supplies are cut and the Palestinians are continuously being suppressed. And as of 15th May 2010, various NGOs from different countries are working together to end this blockage. Lend your hand, show your support, make a donation. Let us see what WE can contribute. :)

Why must we contribute? Gaza is a foreign Arab land surrounded by filthy rich Arab countries, and since we're Malaysian, why should we even bother? Well people, those Arab leaders are too spoiled to lift their asses from their golden throne. Simply, the millions of Arabs who speak the same language, who shares the same God, who owns the world's oil reserve are not doing anything. Simply, because we, just like the Palestinians, are Muslims. Simply, because we are human with hearts and money to spare.

How can the world justify what Israel is doing towards the Palestinians, I could never understand. And WE can NOT do the same. WE must act, we must help!

"This is a critical objective, both to meet immediate humanitarian needs, and also to help empower Palestine to have control over its own future, and to help facilitate the reconstruction of Gaza by bringing in essential building materials currently being denied access through the land crossings with both Egypt and Israel." 
 For more info, do visit the official website and blog.

Put aside our petty differences, and make a move. Be a part of this. Start today!

20 April 2010


Salam people.
ONE. Stories are anoyying. You can make the most ridiculous story and spread it all around, and people will believe it no matter how ridiculous it may sound. And it annoys me especially if a story is made up about me when it involves another person.

Can't you see, I may can tolerate your absurd claims, but he/she may not.
Can't you see, I can consider you words as jokes and let it slip as it is, but he/she may not.
Can't you see, there are things that I don't share with you, because hey, fyi you're a nobody to me.

Not everything you see or hear is true, and not everything you DON'T see or hear doesn't happen. Don't be shallow. If you are too superior to me to accept my wisdom (yeah), remember even the Quran backs me up, for 1400 years already in fact.

TWO. Rasulullah s.a.w. dalam sebuah hadisnya menyatakan : 

Ketahuilah bahawa di dalam badan ada seketul daging, apabila ia baik, baiklah badan seluruhnya dan apabila ia rosak, rosaklah sekaliannya, ketahuilah! Itulah yang dikatakan hati."

Riwayat Bukhari dan Muslim.

THREE. Doctors like Dr ****** can make anatomy appears VERY annoying. Sorry, Doctor.

FOUR: 10 Muwasafat Tarbiyah. May this guide me into being a better man insyaAllah.

11 April 2010

Lame childhood

Salam people.

If there's one question I cannot answer, eventhough I've studied full time 24/7, it would be : How do I describe myself.

Black. Red. Blue. Coldplay. Seafood. Milo Ais. The sea. Coklat. Travelling. Better man By Robbie Williams. A Muslim. A sufi in the making HAHA.

They say singers travel around the world in search of ideas, of experiece, of which I think I lack bad, because they also say Experience is the best teacher. When I was little, I was one of those timid little boys that rarely talks and spend most of his times indoor. I was quiet, I was one ot those 'good boys'. If you knew me long enough, you would know that I rarely had those bruises or scars caused by silly accidents like falling off the swings.

And if you knew me today, you would also see me as somehow, quiet and keeps to myself a lot.

As a 19 year-old, I didn't have that much stories to tell about the experience I had gone through as a child, the weird friends I've had, the crazy adventures other kids had during their childhood. And being around with the same people for three years in lower forms didn't help either. I am not ashamed to admit this, mostly because I think, I repeat, I THINK, I am surrounded by people that I know, if I die, they will cry. Would you?

Anyway, I was a natural at being alone, something I am trying to change ever since I was 16, albeit unsuccessfully. And today, the change is still in progress. How I cared waaayy too much about what people think of me, how I think I was superior that others because of my clean (read : boring)  records at school, all those absurd feelings that has been holding me back all these years.

Yet if I am given the chance to turn back time, honestly,  I would not consider it. Yes, my accomplishments may not be that amazing. Yes, my childhood my not be as colourful as others, but God knows better. Who knows, if not because of my lame childhood, I would have turned out a lot worse. What, and change all the good fantastic things that is happening today? The friends I've gained, the life I got here, the mother I've just come to realise how precious she is. No thanks, sir! I will fight will what I have!

Although I wish my parents had been a little more encouraging, I still owed them my life. May Allah bless them and grant them good health.

Argh, all this melodramatic or as people say 'emo' stuff is making me sick. Maybe because of the sins I've committed. HEY, if you could still smile after doing something wrong, shame on you. (not that I did anything LOL)

How do people describe me eh? A question I shall never know the answer.

26 March 2010

Gamassah, Damietta.

Salam people.
ONE. Just got back from Gamassah, Dumyat. It reminds me of a very much dead version of Port Dickson. The water was ugly, sad to say. Literally, there were hundreds of empty apartments ready to be rented. So imagine a town designed to occupy 10 k people, but with only a mere 100 of those still alive; maybe a zombie apocalypse massacred the rest? I don't know LOL.

Yet we did have the time of our lives :)

By the way, to those ambitious film director-to-be, Gamassah is a perfect place to shoot a movie about apocalypse, war or of horror genre.

"Hidayah itu milik Allah. Dia akan berikan hidayah kepada sesiapa yang dikehendaki-Nya,".

TWO. A well known fact, but barely understood by many. Maybe the degree of understanding something differs? Yes, obviously. Impossible that is to find 100 people with the same idea. How we are raised roughly defines what we are today, and to speak about that took a whole other post LOL.

From what I understand, the above fact means that we have no power whatsoever to push our ideology/level of understanding onto other people. As simple as the professor cannot shove the whole chapters in Guyton and Hall's Textbook of Physiology onto us in one day, it goes the same with everything else.

So when you see....maksiat (whatever) in front of you, should you do something? Yes, of course, according to the three steps proposed by the Prophet p.b.u.h. When you see someone wearing a very 'transparent' dress, you shall NEVER EVER take a blanket out of your bag (if you are that passionate about 'membanteras maksiat' haha) and cover her up. That would be a huge insult to her, to anyone for that matter, regardless of his/her wrongdoings.

The point is, appropriate measures need to be taken for a better, long-lasting outcome. Well , this is according to my logic anyway, based from what I understand from school etc. Feel free to contradict me.

Quoting from this ridiculously childish but brilliant friend, ' Iman itu terbukti melalui tiga perkara, pertama melalui hati, kedua melalui lidah (kata-kata), dan ketiga melalui perbuatan (amal). Kalau tak cukup salah satu, dekat mana iman kita?'

That hilarious bastard HAHA.

16 March 2010

To be or Not to be

Salam people.

From what I understand, there has always been in everybody's life where at some point the ongoing struggle to be what YOU want to be and what PEOPLE want you to be comes up again and again. (and again) Matters like faith, belief and principals often overlap each other. And most of the time, we are trapped somewhere in between, which in the end left us somewhat mediocre and unreliable.

A simple example is during that time right after SPM, from which our excellent straight As result opened up opportunity to take glamorous or highly overrated courses like medicine and engineering, when your true passion is in journalism. Heck medicine and engineering are so overrated almost every parent told their children to be one of those, mostly because of social pressure that regards anything less than titles like 'doctor' or 'professor' are shameful, maybe not directly, but most of the time you can sense the disgust people have on title-less professions. 

And in the end, we are left clueless, I might say because at 18 years old, you couldn't care less about the world. So which one is it? Either to pursue that suppressed talent in you or do what everybody else wants you to do for the rest of your life?

Ah, social pressure, why can't you leave me alone?

This is where questions, serious questions need to be answered by you and YOU only.

Why am I doing this?
Why should I be doing this?
Where am I 20 years from now? Any goals or dreams to fulfill?
Am I prepared to be mediocre for the rest of my life?
Am I doing that is what people around me is doing or because of I think this is the right thing to do?
If things change from this to worse or otherwise, will it change my stand, my principal?

Of course, not everything we want is exactly the best option to choose. Like the Quran said, not everything we like is good for us and vice versa (I can't remember from which verse is this, can someone enlighten me in the comment section please?). There is check and balance in everything. 

Such as if there is no social pressure at all, maybe to shit in public is nothing to be fussed about. What most of us lack is the ability to differentiate between the good, bad and the ugly. Like the old saying, experience is the best teacher, struggle is the method of choice, the 'gold standard'. 

Most of the time, sacrifice is a must. This is where God comes in, more or less to explain to us that pointless life is, well, pointless. The Holy Book and the Prophet are here to guide us all.

Be true to yourself, have faith in God, and NEVER pretend.
God bless :)
My Lord! Vouchsafe me wisdom and unite me to the righteous. [26:83]

04 March 2010


Salam people.

It is funny how sometimes simple phrases can bring back the best from the past. A simple example is from case 1 of semester 4, where the abbreviation NTD was used. Back in the school days, NTD stands for the epic freedom of hostel life. NTD was the symbol of a grand rule that everyone in some point of our little school lives, had broke no matter how nerdy you may be at school. 

The funny thing was NTD was nothing special, was just a mixture of everyday dishes thrown together with a superior feeling than even the baddest ass of the teachers cannot suppress. NTD was Nasi Telur Dadar, a whole lot of plain nasi putih with telur dadar and traditional Malay soup smeared with some tomato sauce on top, bought from that gerai makan 10 meters from the boys' hostel compound for RM 2 each. 

Of course, nobody can defeat the grandeur feeling how NOBODY, I repeat, NOBODY can take away from us no matter how many canes and penalties they threw at us.

NTD was the symbol of KISAS, the symbol of a grand hostel life that no other school ever experience.

Exaggerated maybe, but to me those three letters brought the memories from the best time of my short life, although I was literally a nobody at school before. The teachers, the seniors, the tazkirahs, the liqa muhasabah (pfft), the retarded friends and of course, the bakso :)

Today, after almost three years of leaving the secure life of teenage-hood, the abbreviation presented itself again, but with a totally different meaning. NTD today stands for Neural Tube Defect, a part of the beginning of my journey to be a medical officer, a part of a beautiful journey insyaAllah.

And obviously, from today onwards NTD will no more be that symbol of rule-breaking from school life. NTD is just another congenital anomaly that has dumbfounded even the brightest of minds today. NTD is just another from thousands of diseases that we shall encounter and assist insyaAllah in the near future.

This will be a bitter path obviously, but those around me will make it bearable.Yes, even the retarded ones.  Thanks Mama, thanks all.

jadi, pa lagi, cabut internet, pegi study!

note: this picture is general and not pointing to any specific person.
Enough said.

27 February 2010

Saya tak mahu jadi seorang Rasis

Salam people.

I have tried again and again not to be racist against the local Egyptians. But kudos O Egyptians, how you guys have always proved me wrong. I am this close (signalling my thumb and index finger to almost touching each other) to completely hate you guys, but I will not, thanks to the likes of Dr Saed, Dr Dalia, Dr Azza and some lot that treat us human. Thank You Allah for these people because they made me realized how you guys are amazing people, with some breeds of idiots contaminating your society. Well I guess I have to keep a wider opened mind, if that makes sense at all, because frankly there are idiots in every part of society.

In which part of normal society that allows you to criticize everything that you have never encountered before? Just because YOU cannot grow straight hair like us, that doesn't mean we have to cut our hair to be like that abomination you called 'hair'. Or maybe if you can't resist feeling superior than other people race, do supply me with 5 tonnes of hair gels, maybe that will last for a month? Remember this : Just because we practice something out of your norm, that doesn't make them haram.

So when we Malaysians smoke shisha, we become non Muslims eh? But that's not the case for your people? So is it because you speak Arabic or because the Prophet was an Arab, you are holier than us the 'hongga bonggas'? Before you talk to us about sharia, you should stop selling drugs first, please. 


Last Thursday we went to ARMA for a talk about Shia. It was an amazing experience both informative and enjoyable indeed. The sheikh from Al-Azhar University made me regret for not taking Diniyyah. See? there are still existing amazing and good Egyptians out there. May Allah bless all of you. :)

The curse of Anatomy has strike yet again. Semester 4 will cover much about neuroanatomy, a damn lot about the anatomy and osteology of the head and neck and of course, with embryology on the side. We will strive insyaAllah, given the time and consistency. Wish me luck people.

O Allah please bless me with sufficient amount of time and effort so that I will receive better results at the end of this semester. Amen.

Happy 21st Bro :)

19 February 2010

7 reasons.

7 reasons why Egypt is awesome

  1. I have to do everything by myself, which is good character building :|
  2. Home to one of the old version of Seven Wonders of the World. I am a fan of architecture I guess.
  3. Egypt is closer to Europe - Travel addiction dammit.
  4. Abundance of Islamic scholars etc.
  5. Even if you're an outsider, you can feel and enjoy the very close bonds celebrated among the locals. Mansoura is like one hell of a giant village where everybody knows everybody.
  6. You can see the likes of who in Malaysia will be regarded as mat rempits and druggies, that listen and memorize the Quran. 
  7. I love the language :)

7 reasons why those reasons are invalid.

  1. When everything is cheap, you have to pay extra for everything. Especially, if you're a foreigner and especially, since I have no money.
  2. The locals are loud, their music is damn annoying.  
  3. I can't drive here, it's suicidal to do so.
  4. The locals are incapable to accept other race's culture. The ones that do, have been outside of the country for a significant period of time.
  5. It's hot. I hate summer, and it never rains. I love rain.
  6. I don't understand the language, even though my language skill is somehow sufficient for me to survive.
  7. Medicine is a LOT of work.

7 reasons why I would rather be in Malaysia.

  1. My family is there.
  2. Money is not an issue. Okay I lied. Money is less of an issue.
  3. Malaysia is food heaven dammit!
  4. We have mamak stalls, cinemas, bowlings etc which means a lot to in our free time.
  5. I can drive.
  6. No 'dangdut arab' over there. I have them on my phone hahaha.
  7. Phone credit is cheap, seriously.

7 reasons why I need to stay in Egypt.

  1. I am doing medicine. It is far cheaper here than in Malaysia.
  2. I need to develop social skills, which means I need to be independent, to step out of my comfort zone.
  3. Egypt teaches me to enjoy the little things.
  4. Friends are here.
  5. Egypt is the beginning of one beautiful journey insyaAllah.
  6. I want to master Arabic.
  7. TRAVEL ADDICTION. Blease give me my money.

All in all, I would be here after all if I was ever given the choice. Life is great, Egypt is great. All you have to do is adapt. Selamat habis cuti, selamat study semula.

15 February 2010

Travelogue : Sinai Trip 2010

Salam people.

Trip around Sinai a few days ago [9-11 February 2010] was indeed one of the best times in my short life. If I was asked to choose one word to describe it, awesome would be an understatement.You can only understand it if you are there.

From the Suez Tunnel to Egyptian-Israeli border of Taba and everything in between, especially Dahab and Mount Sinai. I will never forget this part of my life.

One thing for sure - Sinai opens a whole new concept to my stingy little life : travel addiction. Gah, Bucket List kena diperbaharui nampaknya.

ancient graves.

puncak Sinai.

claimed to exist since Prophet Ilyas's times.

view from top of Sinai.

Makam Nabi Saleh (allegedly)

patung lembu Samiri, terjumpa Si Gemok.

Blue Hole, Dahab. P/s: the Red sea is one of the major snorkelling sites in the world.

Kubu Salahuddin, Taba.

If I am ever offered to go to Sinai for the second time, I would definitely consider it :)

Oh. Duchess mati semalam, 14 February 2010.
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