30 November 2009

Mansurah's Politics : a Tom and Jerry chase

Salam people,

God, Mansurah's political atmosphere is getting murkier by the second. Honestly, this endless quarrel is very, very tiring. It is easier not to get yourself involved, but for how much longer will you lead a carefree, pointless life? At some point, we cannot run away anymore from our obligations. It is very irresponsible not to get involved, since I am, no matter how small, a part of the family too. And to some of you who are still coming to this blog for no apparent reason, you too, if haven't yet, get yourself 'infoed', if that is a word :)

I am myself are not well-informed, haven't yet fully grasp the very core of the problem. Nevertheless, I ventured around, collecting stories from both parties. It is very important not to listen to only one side of a story, avoiding biased opinion that only champions its own stand and belittles the opposite's. To hear, and understand both point of views, whom from now on I shall call Tom(click) and Jerry(click), is utterly and mostly important.

Finally, you can then differentiate between the hidden and obvious, between Haq and Bathil.

So, in the end, I find both Tom and Jerry have their rights and wrongs. Yet it is unfair if Tom does not even stop to hear Jerry's explanation, and Jerry cannot blame Tom for everything that is happening between them. Jerry, being the weaker opponent, wants justice and balance. Changes need to be made, since Tom has always been controlling, strict and inflexible. The current condition in Mansurah Enormous Family doesn't allow for strict enforcements. It is more important to educate, to allow people to grow closer to Tom before they judge it indifferent from afar.

If we fail to apply the simplest form of cooperation at this level of our lives, how can we adapt living in the bigger world, where people are far more diverse than what we see now?

It is not the case where Jerry is being a stubborn ass, but when Tom reluctantly ignore Jerry's demand, there is no other way, but to rebel. Well, not rebel in the sense of bringing down Tom by force, but through the only way Jerry can : by collecting the silent voices and make them be heard. Jerry too, need to be more lenient with Tom, and accept any good things Tom may bring to the table.

Yes, Jerry too should consider the position Tom is stuck in, but do we want yet another year of waste? Life is too short to wait for another year to make changes; and who knows how bad things are then.

So we need representatives from all sects of Mansurah's big family, allow simple yet effective programs, and insyaAllah, God willing, we will be a bigger, colourful, amazing family with bright looking future together during our stay in this godforsaken part of the world. :)

Again, I am not as well informed as the next guy. But I do have my own opinion, like every man out there, I'm just a blogger :)

3 komentar:

MohdFirdaus said...

everyone has their own opinion =]

Aizat Sofian said...

tp sy tak suka tom

kalau baca artikel ubai
dan baca komen di bawah mesti saya jadi jerry

so kene tgk abes dulu kot dari 2 pandangan

terima kasih fikri ..

prastanta said...

bang jat,

mse MTC thun lpas xde ke perubahan yg nk dibuat?

hujah ubai mmg ad yg btol, skali lg sye ckp, masalah hari pncalonan cuma kurg pengiklanan je, tp bila guna saluran yg btol pn xdpt, nk buat cmne lg?

yg dibuat ni pn bkan tujuan utk mnjahanamkn PCM, tp utk kebaikan PCM sndiri....

come on la bg jat, PCM bkannya sempurna.mse MTC nnt pn, isu2 yg sama akan dibangkitkan, pstu tindakan xde. kat sekolah dlu pn ad je jd mnde2 mcm ni. dah masak dah, nk tggu setahun lg?

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