13 October 2009

PBL Group 3

Salam people.

My new group for semester 3 is very unnerving. People have started to show off their true potential, I think, after two semesters of playing and fooling around. This Arab girl, whom I pronounce her name as 'Neuron' was really giving her all, and literally leaving us behind eating her dust if we, the Malaysians do nothing to rise to her level.

Which means a lot more time will be spent studying, because showing off is a must in this new group.

Even so, that is not the half of it. The new tutor, Dr Azza, this timid middle-aged and considerably beautiful professor of the pathological department will actually participate to make sure we all strive to perfection. According to her, we will be having some sort of tests before the start of our PBL 1 session, from what I understood the test will be about the last two semesters. Here, in front of this ancient PC in this internet cafe, I pray to You, God, I wish I misheard her. Please, God, bless us with the gift of abundance of time.

Apparently, she did the same with her last group, and she was satisfied with their final results. :((

This semester we will learn more about pathology, and unlike the last semester, much less about anatomy. So there is a happy sight beside this could-be hazardous semester. We actually started going to the hospital, and we are finally allowed to visit the hospital outside of the schedule. As if I will go in any way.

Haha. I really hope this will be the worst of my personal vampire robot Nazis who are also zombie apocalypse could go. Pfft, exaggerate much?

One thing for sure,  with a lot to do, a lot more time will be spent on the bed, sleeping. It is one of those thing when your head is telling you to do the exact thing you should avoid from doing. Like blogging, for instance.
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