24 July 2009


Today is Saturday, July 25th 2009; exactly a week after the wedding. My parents have yet to stop talking about how the wedding was a success blaa blaa blaa at dinner while I'm sitting beside them. Not only that this would not stop for at least another week, they would continue rambling on and on [and on] about the same thing over and over again, and I am forced to listen to them, because it's either that or starve.

After the chaos of preparing for the event has finally ended, I jokingly said to my mother,

"Mama, when I got home from Egypt after six years, I will bring along with me possibly two or three important things. First, a medical degree; two a  wife and maybe three, a child."

And she replied my joke with a  big fat 'jangan nak mengada-ngada.'

To continue messing with her, I added that then no one will be bother to prepare complicated giftdoor doorgifts, and it would be cheap, as I am just gonna marry the unlucky bitch girl in Egypt.

Same answer.

Then I said to my dad the very same thing. His reply was more interesting though. "Selagi tak ada title, tak payah kahwin."

I was secretly laughing with the idea of me getting married. Of course I don't want to marry anyone yet. For a start, nobody would want to. Why do I want to be married at such a tender age, sacrificing what's left of my free life to be burdened with a responsibility that I could get in another few years' time when my future looks more promising?
There are some people though who thinks that it is great to marry before graduating. It is not probably my business, it's their life. But I really want to understand their point of view and reasonings on why the hell would they want to get married so soon. I did try to imagine myself in their shoes, and I think I've come out with some strong reasons.

First, the girl is pregnant. Hahahahahaha.

Second, his or her hormone levels are going up and down and out of control. So it's either get married or pre-marital sex. An understandable reason, yet some deep thinking needs to be done.

Third, they got this grand life plan that they are so eager to start because there is just lots to do after graduating, like changing the world. Actually, this is a good reason though.

Fourth, when two people are just too in love with each other, why wait when you know it's the best thing to do?
Again, it is not my business to tell people when is the appropriate time to get married. God has intended a specific plan for each of his creation, and I have no right to say that it's not good enough. So for those who want to have a wife [or husband] before a degree, please make sure that you intention is right as marriage is not something that one can toy with.

For example, for myself, if I ever want to be with somebody, i would think am I prepared enough to spend my life with someone forever and to protect her from any harm? She is not a kitten where I can dump her at the nearest trash hill when I am bored with it, this is a real person with needs and feelings.

There is this trend among oversea students to get married while studying. Again, make sure your intention is right.Today is not the 15th century. Today is a time when money is very important, where sex offenders may live just right next door, where there are people who kills other people for fun.

Marriage is not easy. We have seen or heard countless stories about men and women twice our age got divorce just because of some minor misunderstanding. And who knows, the same thing [naudzubillah] might happen to us too.

p/s : Never underestimate the importance of listening. - Dr J Dorian, Scrubs.

20 July 2009

July 18th, 2009

Today was one heck of a day. Besides that I'm turning 19 this year, today was also my brother's wedding day. Besides of feeling joyful for turning a year older [yeah], the arrival of this day marked the official end to a week [and more] of misery. No more important things to do. Now I can finally hang out, enjoying my holiday doing absolutely nothing.

Oh jika beginilah Malaysia, baik aku bosan di Mesir, at least aku boleh pusing-pusing Cairo.

A reminder to those who live outside KL, if you ever feel that you 're not so sure where you're heading, do head out earlier than Cai did, so that if you ever lost your way, you would not be taking too much time and come late to something you promised to be arriving at two.

Thanks for coming, Naz, Faisal, Bai, Acad, Amin and Nizar.

Oh. by the way, terima kasih Naz, sebab bagi hadiah novel. aku dah taknak speaking dah dengan kau okay :)
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