27 June 2009


The mind is a powerful tool.
If only one knows how to use the mind,
He may be the best a man can be.

To exercise the mind,
To guard it from envious assailants,
To organize the unlimited knowledge,
Oh how it could change the world!

Let the mind roam free,
Let it explore the deepest, darkest corner
of the unlimited world of imagination
Let the mind wander to where no man has ever been before,
Let the mind play with facts,
To consider and to differ of what is righteous and corrupted,
To play with possibilities,
And let it decide
The obvious truth that everyone chooses to ignore.

Let the mind grow strong,
Let it become independent,
Or at least,
Never let it unguarded
As many are looking for even the most minute hole
To bring down this powerful source of strength in the world.

Be warned,
Guard the mind from unwanted influence
Guard the mind from being controlled
By those people who think that they may know better
It is you, only you who could decide for yourself.

Occupy the mind with knowledge,
Occupy the mind with wisdom,
Prepare the mind for the worst,
Because, as you may see, not many have survived this most vital test of God
Because, as you should know, many minds are more corrupted than pure.

The mind is a powerful tool
Never let it rust, never let it forgotten
Because once it has become like mine, you would wish you were never born.
p/s: this is not a poem :P

22 June 2009

8 months of living in Egypt

After almost a year of living in Egypt, I have learned not to trust people, even if he is the closest, the most spiritual or even if he is the imam of a local mosque.
If you for whatever reason decide to come to an Arab country, be warned that your days will be filled with people trying to con you in any way possible, cunningly making his way to gain more profit, manipulating his words and bullying you until you have no other reason but to give in or lose the deal.
Remember, even if he is an imam, even if he memorize the Quran, even if he swears in the name of Allah here and there, NEVER to judge people before you get to know him better. Terrible things I have endured in the past week alone, and I shall never forget some of the things these desperate people did to us.
Us, meaning the Malaysians.
8 months of living in Mansoura, I found that they are loud, rude, stubborn and mostly liars. Okay, maybe I exaggerated a little, but one thing for sure, 70% of them filled the criteria with flying colors.
Fine. Some are nice, no doubt. We are not angels ourselves, in fact some of us are more disgusting than they are, and if this is a competition, our own filth would beat theirs in a landslide.
Let's just hope that we shall encounter this minute group of people during our stay in Egypt. Fingers crossed, eh?

Bahhh. Four more year to go people. We shall enjoy the beautiful culture while we can. :)

06 June 2009


Remember those days when you are wandering round the house, doing nothing much with your life, just letting time passes by with nothing worthwhile to do?

Well, can't exactly forget, today was one of those days.

When I was in primary school, or all of us, for that matter, I remembered one particular infamous quotations being plastered on every wall in each classroom, painted with golden colours and cut with creative designs. It was always the usual same old thing, which in time, ironically wears off on people.


And at the end of the day, usually we would recite the same thing over and over again, the tasbih kaffarah and surah al-'Asr. Even though I am sure not more than half of the classroom exactly understand what we mumbled accordingly, but we did it together nonetheless.

Today, after about almost a year and a half finishing school, still we recite the same thing after any formal ceremony. We are constantly reminding ourselves to appreciate time, not to let it go to waste.

Time is precious! Time must be well-spent!

I wonder how all those things we practice ever have any effect at all. Still we would be the same person we are a year ago, doing things at the very last minute, staying up late when we know tomorrow morning would be wasted, and as if during the night we are doing something beneficial. If you call facebooking is beneficial, smack yourself in the face three times.

The prayers we do are nothing more than blind faith.

Why though? Shouldn't we become better as we grow older? Personally, I think if today never happen, I wouldn't miss a thing by tomorrow. If today doesn't exist, it would not make any difference. I did nothing today. The 24 hours given by God was ill-spent.

Sometimes we dream big. Sometimes we fantasize about being on top of our game in anything we do; a great doctor, even a preacher, with lots of money and a comfortable life. I wonder if we realize that to achieve all of those, sacrifice needs to be done. And lazying around the house is not a sacrifice.

I wish to be better. I wish to be awesome. I also wish to be amazing, but I'm not doing much to be that way.

If you know me, meet me after two months this thing is posted. I am sure I'll be the same person I am today, which is a sad thing. :(

Please Allah, make me better tomorrow. I want to contribute. I want to be worthy to You.

p/s : Happy 55th birthday, Mama :). I dedicate You Raise Me Up by Josh Groban to you.

04 June 2009

As two of the major papers have finished just today, I am trapped between feeling relieved of miserable. Relieved, as in exam is halfway through; and miserable as in the chance for to to resit the papers are quite huge.

Err, I mean MASSIVE.

Do take note that the exam was hard, at least most people said so. And yeah, as usual being an incompetent, lazy student that I am, I didn't finish revising the syllabus.  So yeah, apart from feeling like crap, I also felt that I got what I gave, and apparently I gave too little. Who knows.

Fine. What is done is done. I cannot change the things I answered in the answer sheets, therefore the only thing left to do is pray.

Pray and pray and pray and pray. May God lays His hands on me and change the fact from 'I most probably will fail the exam' to 'I almost fail'.

Screw MCQ ans short essays. We shall focus on OSCE for the next few days.

On a totally different story, I met with a beggar today, like most days of living in Egypt. Here in Egypt the beggars are extra hard in their role of asking for money, especially of you are a 'boya-boya' from the other side of the world. They will pull your shirts until you give them money, they will push their tissues or whatever to you, even if you already have one, and they do not ask much, but nothing less than a pound would be nice. 

If you ever give them like 50cents or so, they will politely ask, ' what the hell is this?' [In Arabic, of course].

Well, as most of us already know, I am a good person deep down. Really, I am. Seeing the beggar (a she) asking me money, I politely say, ' I have no money', because I really had no money at that time. At least I had no change, and I was not going to spend 20pounds on her seeing that I am dead hungry, and that was all I had.

Oh, I did have some money, 50 cents, and after giving her that, she asked for more. Typical, typical. Suddenly, my good 20pounds fell from my pocket. She saw it, and wrestled it from me. Wrestled. And that is how I lost my money I was going to use to eat at Nusan.

Oh well, it was your day. May that 20pounds makes you fat.

Besides, it is fun to see how people act on some occasions. Sometimes our true colors can only be seen in certain situations.

All life is experiment. The more experiments you make the better.
Ralph Waldo Emerson

*Told you I had no money.
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