11 May 2009

"Givers are better than receivers"

Sometimes it is hard to pity the less fortunate. Such as, when you see a full healthy grown-up man begging you for money, you can't help but think, 'how pathetic could you get?'

Is there no more jobs available for a man to do that made him sinks so low to a level he must beg [bug] people for money in front of mosques? 

I believe that if you are healthy both physically and mentally, and you are not in a god-forsaken war zone or anything that might match that, you should be able to live on something you earned through your sweats. Not by begging, not by cheating, not by stealing, not even by taking-advantage-on-students-who-are-going-to-take-exams-and-must-see-the-effing-jars-desperately-to-score-although-students'-privileges-allows-them-to-see-the-jars-as-they-paid-the-fees.

Yes, the museum's ammu asked for money from anyone who wants to see the jars. That's even more pathetic than healthy street beggars.

Ah! I guess not all people has been given the blessings of a comfortable life. I am in no position to judge the grand work of the Almighty, aren't I? Allah, He has His reasons on everything that happens.

One of the many things I think my mother thought me well is that no matter how hard life seems to be, always remember not to get anyone around you involved. Or 'jangan sebab kita susah kita menyusahkan orang lain'.
"Givers are better than receivers"

 By the way, Happy Mothers Day. :)

05 May 2009

PBL 14 of Semester 2

Ten weeks have passed. Ten weeks, seventy days we sat together. We discussed, we argued and we agreed.
May our efforts all this while be blessed by Allah with


Special thanks to :

Dr Samar Askar

Syed Imran
Ahmad [the Egyptian]
Atiq Nasir
al-Amin Abd Razak
Hanif [Chiwa]
Muhammad [the Saudian]

Nur 'Izzah
Adilah Adli
Rusdha Adila
Arina Diyanah
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