25 April 2009

Man vs Beast

One lazy afternoon, I browsed through the channels at Astro. Click click click , and I found nothing good to watch, in all about 40 channels of them. So hey, what a waste of RM 100 a month.

Blahhhhh. What do I care? I'm not the one who's paying for it.

Anyway, I did stop by on something. Has anyone heard about something called Man vs Beast? No? Never mind, then. It was a stupid show, stupid beyond explanation. How can anyone be stupid enough to produce such a stupid, stupid, stupid show?

Although, it did bring up some facts that one could not help but to take notice: that we humans have nothing better physically than any species in this world.

We don't have the right feet to run the fastest. Cheetahs beat us badly in that category.
We don't have webbed feet to make us swim faster. Ducks, swans beat us too.
Our hands are not as powerful as those paws of the lions which can break your neck with a single blow.
Our body are not built to swim easy, if only we are chased by a killer whale we'd be dead in seconds.
We don't have wings to fly.
We don't have horns to protect ourselves from predators. We have to have weapons.
We have movable thumbs on our hands. But apes have them on both of their hands and feet, which made them such perfect climbers.
We can't produce poison to catch preys.
We can't see well in the dark, nor we can hear that very well. Our nose are bad too.

So, what can we be proud of in ourselves? No matter how good we are at something, there are still something else that is at least 5 times better than us. Even Michael Phelps couldn't beat a salmon if we put them against each other. Physically, we are nothing.

BUT. One thing that put us wayyy above any being ever created by God. Something that separates us from the rest, something made us worthy in the sight of Allah. 

He gave us the ability to think.

He gave us the ability to differ between good and bad things, to decide which of two choices that is better for us. He gave us the capability to make ourselves able to do stuff, so for something that can't do a thing to save his life in front of a beast, we came up with ideas that made us superior from the rest.

We created weapons, we made weather- prove shelters, we can survive in any condition God put us in.

Although we tend to forget, sometimes due to our own weaknesses, of our poorly maintained heart, we tend to make mistakes. Allah, of his blessings and love to his creations, give us time to repent if we ever did something wrong.

In the pass, He sent us prophets. Prophet Muhammad p.b.u.h, left us his practices for us to follow, he gave us al-Quran as a guide to sail though life. Written in the holy book clear facts between those good and bad deeds.
... so keep your duty to Allah, O men of understanding! O ye who believe! Now Allah hath sent down unto you a reminder,
A messenger reciting unto you the revelations of Allah made plain, that He may bring forth those who believe and do good works from darkness unto light. And whosoever believeth in Allah and doeth right, He will bring him into Gardens underneath which rivers flow, therein to abide for ever. Allah hath made good provision for him. 
[65:10 - 11]
 So we can think. It is up to us whether to use it right or to use it at all.

23 April 2009

Oh I would give anything to feel like that again

Yesterday, during an hour of histology lecture, for once I felt contented. For a long time I didn't feel like this. Suddenly, during all of those chaos limiting the brain to work properly, I felt cool. It has been a very looooooong time since I felt like this.

The feeling where as if nothing can go wrong ever.

I felt calm. I felt easy. I felt awesome, for once. I felt occupied. I felt myself being a capable man, with all the flaws and the stupidity. Note that histology lecture I loathed the most, especially the ones given by Dr Azza el-Hadidy. No offense, but you could use a proper pronunciation course.

For a short period of time, I didn't worry about the foul things I have to memorize by June. I didn't worry about what life would be like in the future, about home, about exams, about other responsibility God has implemented on me, and the most important, when to start?
To be a Muslim in a modern world where he is sophisticated, knowledgeable, able and practical while balancing between the world and the afterlife.
Something that one cannot achieve by doing nothing, obviously.

Oh I would give anything to feel like that again. 

On another complete separate subject, Egypt is getting hotter by day. The Egyptians celebrated 'sharm ennisin', the day marked as the official arrival of summer. Desert summer.
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