19 February 2009

Mesir itu Unik

Bas 'Haram'

Kedai Expensive. 
Sape2 nak masuk?

Solat merata. Senang dan efisien.
Ya, bukan Singapura busuk itu sahaja yang unik, malah Mesir itu 10 kali lebih uniknya.
Kalau di Malaysia ada bas 'Rapid', di Mesir ade bas haram...

Kalau di Malaysia ada lampu isyarat setiap 5 minit, di Mesir tak ada langsung!
Dan kematian jalan raya di Mesir juga tak setanding Malaysia.

Kalau di Malaysia ada yang tak solat kerana tak ada surau, tak ada telekung,...
di Mesir mereka solat merata.
Masjid juga merata, 5 buah pilihan untuk 5 minit berjalan kaki.

15 February 2009

The Kingdom of P

Once upon a time there was a land of peace and beauty. It's bounded by angels at its borders, with a massive drain separating it from the evil outside. Apart from that, there were inner and outer walls, both guarded by th people themselves, who were drove by strong patience and a secret strength called 'zikr'.  The people of the land named the drain 'Nour', as it continue to shine repelling the demons from coming near the land.

Day after day the people of the land, which was famously known as Preston, would recite the national anthem called NarOK,which means 'guidance' in Prestonian language; with determination and pride. The anthem gave them spirit, of which made them brave enough to counter the gradual attacks from the demon outside. Whenever the people of Preston forgets to recite the national anthem, or reciting it without the spirit in their hearts, the attacks from the demons seemed stronger, and some would reached the heart of the land, which was genuine and pure.

And they recited the anthem everyday as protection.

However, the attacks from the demons increased by strength day after day. The technique used by the demons were unknown to the people of Preston, with equipments that far surpassed their own. In the morning the demons' attack force would try to bring the walls down, each time with magic of unimaginable. On the evening the demons used catapults to shoot the land with thorns from a poisonous plant called 'zhon', with chunks of rocks smothered in hate and forgetfulness, and from time to time they would throw fireballs that shall burn anyone who come in contact with its furious flame,which the people called 'riya'.

Finally, at the end of the day the demons would unleash a frightening howl that would instantly kill the weak-hearted of the people of Preston.

The attacks also came in different angles, some may be less dangerous than the other; but each as equal as deadly. From the north, the demons fired rays of worldly concerns, turning the defense minister evil.From the tallest tower of Pure Castle, where lived the king of Preston, he could see the demons in the west provoking the people of P to fight, and then they would leave the land's defense vulnerable and clear to attack.

The demons displayed practices that was foreign to the people of Preston, and they would copy what the demons did, as they were possessed by the damned demons.

Years of peace and harmony left the people of Preston ignorant and proud. Little by little they distinct themselves from the practices that made them once  invincible.Today, they no longer recite the national anthem, and one by one they died,unable to counter the winning force of the demons.Demons started to infiltrate the land, establishing settlements after settlements, sweeping the land of Preston clean from the natives.

Some even join the demons to be safe and to live another day, although they knew well enough that the demons were no good companion, never in the past and never will be.

The king of Preston, along with a small group of people who survived continued to repel the demons from their land, forging resistance with those whose heart remained loyal to the king. Battles after battles passed, with little victory on their side.Yet they kept fighting, gathering followers to take back what were once called their own. Slowly the revived the forgotten practice that once protect the people of Preston from the attacking demons. As time passed, as battles fought, as wounds reopened, slowly they gained strength; slowly they took back their land. Slowly, they slayed the demons one by one.

The king was certain victory will finally be theirs,they owned a secret weapon of which the demons did not know about. Yet it was too early to claim victory, but surely, as the sun rises, so do hope.

Will he win the war?Will he lead his people to absolute victory?
 We shall see, people; we shall see soon enough.

08 February 2009

Winter break : part 2

Doing absolutely nothing during the day with absolutely nothing to do does have its consequences. It is as if one loses his will to live, because simply there is nothing to be done. Well, that if you consider loitering around and playing computer games and watching movies after movies (after movies after movies after movies after movies....) is nothing.

Yeah, yeah. So the anticipated winter break has surpassed its first week. Regrettably the previous week was not well spent.He is looking forward to spend the coming week as wisely as possible. Hmm.
Khufu, Khafra, Manqara

Being a college student in a foreign country, there are a few things that the other course mates would tend to do. First, travel. Proudly he announced that he had already visited the Great pyramid of Giza. He is looking forward to go there a second time, maybe next time with his family, as a tour guide.
The Salah ad-Din Citadel was interesting too, although he did not enter it, under unavoidable circumstances. Maybe next time bros.

The international book fair was not bad either, though tiring.

Yet none of those places can beat the best of them all : the tomb of the great Saidina Hussein, Rasulullah's own grandson. The grand mosque was beautiful to say the least. It is said that only the head of Saidina Hussein was buried here, and the body was in Karbala, Iran.

Second, eat. There's nothing good to eat around here in Egypt, except sandwiches and pizza. And since the boycotting attempt had started,the choice of eating large also, ironically diminished. He wondered until when shall this jihad shall continue, for he prays to Allah to make himself strong.

For those who still haven't started the boycott, do start immediately. One whose eyes is open will never have a second thought about this matter, unless he or she just doesn't care, which is sad.

Consider it as a small pathetic effort from ourselves for jihad.
Barangsiapa yang mati bukan kerana jihad dan tidak dirasakannya (tidak ingin) dalam jiwanya maksud akan berjihad, maka dia mati dalam keadaan sedikit ada nifaqnya.
Prophet Muhammad (p.b.u.h)
p/s: A week from now is 'valentine's day' we shall see how the stupid Egyptians (yes, I meant Stupid) celebrate the foul day.

When will the exam result comes out? Anxious, anxious.
And I still think college life rocks, hon. End of story.

The beginning of Semester two marks the beginning of self-reconstruction. Yallah yallah.

05 February 2009

Winter break

At last, the exam has finally finished. It is time to enjoy the spare time as extreme as possible!

and we went to the pyramid!
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