29 November 2008

Action MUST be louder than words!!

Ringannya mulut nak cakap itu-ini. Lembutnya lidah nak keluarkan pendapat, tak kira betul atau tak. Mudahnya mulut nak komen semua benda, konon hebat sangat.

Ingat semua yang kau cakap tu kau boleh buat? Ingat apa yang kau fikir tu semua betul? Ingat apa-apa yang kau sebut tu macam wahyu?

Senang memang senang, nak buat tak tau lagi.

Cakap lebat, gerenti boleh buat?

Memang, Kita merancang dan Allah menentukan. Tapi adabnya bercakap tu adalah berfikir sebelum bercakap. Yang dah terlafaz tak boleh ditarik balik.

Hurm...betul jugak. Memang susah nak jadi manusia. Kalau jadi batu, tak payah pikir pasal perasaan, masa depan, amalan, dosa, batasan...

Harap-harap kalau ada yang aku terlepas buat, tercelaka mulut nih, maafkanlah aku. Aku pon maafkan kau gak, dun worry.

28 November 2008

Malaysia: in urgent need for cure.

Malaysia is...Malaysialah. No matter how the world would turn out to be, no matter what people say about it, no matter what happen to it, it will always be my home. Always has been, always will be.

Living abroad for over a month makes Malaysia, although none has changed much, looks homelier and probably, as if it is the best place to live in, now or 'later'. Especially when you are living in a country with a very shallow community, that doesn't know much about anything outside their country, except Europe, the USA, China and Japan. Oh yes, of course their own neighbouring countries, if lucky. In simpler words, 'hardcore f**king ignorants'.

Now, enough talk about that. I shall discuss that matter deeper in some other time. Our discussion today is about Malaysia. Malaysia, the country that looks like the 'penis' of Asia. Yes, there's nothing wrong with your eyes.

Since I left Malaysia, a lot has happened that more or less encourages me to write something about it. Yes, although I am living on the other side of the world right now, I am trying my best to keep on track on what is happening back home.

Ironic, isn't it? Many things has happened, but none has changed much. But that's the truth.

Politically, the same. Issues about Malay supremacy, the Chinese superiority, Malay inferiority, the status of Islam, UMNO, PAS, PKR, DAP. Blaa blaa blaa blaa. Firstly, I prefer an Islamic country, before a Malay government. If the current government is willing to implement Islam in its system, I have no problem in giving my full support.

Secondly, I urge all not to blame the non-Malays on their success. They work hard to achieve what they have achieved. And sad to say, we Malays are lagging behind in every field because of our own ghastly attitude. We are known to be lazy, unmotivated, envious and shallow. In order to live free, sacrifices must be made. Allah will reward those who show efforts.

The petrol price has gone down to RM2. The government increases its price by 78cents when the oil price reached $150 per barrel, but reduced just 70cents even when the oil price dropped [drastically. tremendously. so low] to $42 per barrel. 

Still, it is too expensive. Let us see what will happen next.

The yoga issue. Yoga, if only an innocent exercise shall not be prohibited by God. The problem is that yoga includes some practises that contradicts the basis of Islamic belief : Tawheed. Yoga teaches man to free himself from stress, but not by God's will, instead by other beings, which is clearly a form of shirk.
p/s: I hope Mr Samy will back off. This matter is none of your business, Uncle Samy.

Finally [for now], the Datukship for Shah Rukh Khan. Now, what the hell made him brilliant enough to accept that title? He's not even a citizen of this country, neither he does anything for his own, except maybe making movies?? And is not SRK  a non-practicing Muslim? Isn't his wife a Hindu, which in Islam prohibits marriage from two different religion, that she should convert first? To whom it may concern, Please stop this stupidity nonsense.

Err..cancel that. Let's go back to superbly-hyper STUPIDITY. I can present in front of you hundreds of other Malaysians that are more deserving  for the title.

To Malaysia, I wish you all the best. I sincerely hope that you will still be there, standing proud on top of the world after my six years of study.

Oh! Maybe something form the international music scene? Michael Jackson has converted to Islam?? He is now my brother?!

I wish you welcome, for now you shall find peace. Amen.
Assalamu Alaikum, Mr Mikhael Jackson.

20 November 2008

Beg to differ, please

Think about the differences. 

A ten[or 50,for that matter] year old boy in Malaysia can barely understand Jawi, but this two year old girl from Jordan [I think so] is already thaught about school of thoughts in Islam.

And just a few days ago, when I was attending a class at a local mosque, the sheikh told us about a very famous hadith in Egypt by Imam Bukhari [probably famous through out the Middle East].

And we Malaysians, sadly enough never heard of it even once.

How Muslims in Malaysia are unacknowledged, how we are suppressed from exploring the wide and beautiful contents of Islam. How silly of us to prioritise English and neglect Arabic.

How we are lagging behind, not just economically but also religiously.

P/s: the girl is very cute :P

11 November 2008

Rumah Singkong Prt Ltd

Sampai Rumah! Inilah Mahligai Singkong. Bolehlah hidup.

Baru sampai..bilik bersepah2. Tu die roommate sengal. Orang Jenjarum.

Sori Kak Ayu n d geng. Baju turtleneck bole wat main2. Macam serial killer lak bile wat cmni.

Ruang Tamu serba merah. Pusat aktiviti kemasyarakatan rumah.

Kat Port Said : Aku, Usni, Ell, Moaweya (yg di-pertua rumah), Aman, Bai, Luth. Muaz tak ikut lak.Hesh.
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