18 July 2008

18 Years if Blessings

Assalamualaikum warahmatullah,

This year I legally turned into an adult. How's that make me feel? Nothing, really. Just like any other birthday; one gift and a dinner. Supposedly I should feel something, not everyday I can celebrate my eighteenth birthday. All I can say is that I have aged another year, which means Death is coming closer, which brings me to what 18 years of living have made me?

18 years is not that long, yet it is not that short either. For the last 18 years, I have lived through several phases of my pathetic life; which begin with the Baby phase, then the not-so-naive kiddy phase, into my early adolescent years, then entering the real adolescent years, and, until recently, entering the (legally) adulthood (which is, until this entry is posted, is only 2 days old).

So, after 18 Years of Living, what am I most thankful for?

My ever-growing faith towards Allah and Prophet Muhammad.
My comfortable life.
My family, especially my mother and my brothers.
My friends from KISAS.
All the achievements, academically or anything else.
My laptop. Yeayy.

So, after 18 Years of Living, what have I learned?

I have learned not everything we see is what we can believe.
I believe that sometimes people is different in the inside than what they look like.
I believe that everyone has his dark side,which means, apart from the Prophet, no one is pure.
I have learned that a man needs to love another man, because no one can live by himself alone.
I have learned not to let my emotion to cloud my judgment.
I have learned that no all people can stand the truth about themselves,although the truth will make them a better person.
I have learned not to trust myself with power, as I'm afraid it will inflate my already-huge ego.
Today I have complete faith on Allah, as unlike last year, when I was still doubting His existence.
Today I am more open to difference in people, and am ready to accept people before letting myself judging anyone.
I have befriend a person who made me see that how hard my life could be, there is always someone with a harder life.
I have learned to value money and appreciate how hard it is to earn some.

So, after 18 years of living, what am I hoping to see in myself in the next 20 years?

After today, I hope I am more of a bookworm.
I am hoping to memorize the Noble Quran, to finish what I have started.
I hope to live in a world where the police officers are not needed.
I am hoping to own a house without grills.
I want to be a doctor. [M.B.B.Ch]
I want to open my own practice,together with some friends.
I want to spend my life with the woman I love dearly. *winkwink*
I am hoping to see a cleaner and more trustful government, which will practice Islam.
I hope to die as a Muslim, maybe if lucky, as a martyr.

So, after 18 years of living, who would I want to have around me for the rest of my life?

My mother, my brothers, my father. In descending order.
My good friends from the best school in the world [KISAS]; including my ex-classmates, my former roommates, and my future housemate.
My good friends from my Lower secondary school. The one in MFI, the one in UITM Sg Petani, and some others.

Together :For a wonderful 18 Years :

SubhanAllah, Alhamdulillah, Laila ha IllaAllah, Allahu Akbar.

P/s: I was exceptionally bored when I wrote this post. So if you think this post is such a fag one, f#@k you.

15 July 2008

What if..

Bored. Near death.

What if the heart is infected with something called LOVE? And what's worse is that that LOVE is forbidden by God?

Supposedly a friend is in need. To share what has been corroding the heart.
Wonder who is willing to be a listener?

10 July 2008


Assalamualaikum warahmatullah,

What a day indeed. July 9, 2008;first time ever I went to watch two movies in a row. For all know, going to watch one movie is pricy enough. But hey! Everything has its first time.

Wanted and Hancock. Yeah. Two must-watches currently in cinemas. At first I thought Wanted was excellent,with bullets colliding, cars flying and all that crap. I too thought that Hancock was one of those Smiths movies, where you can't stop laughing. And stop thinking sensibly.

I was wrong about both movies. Wanted ended not as I wanted (where Jolie end up dead). Yeah, it was fun to see bullets actually 'swing' according to what the shooter meant to do. But call me old school,I just hope Good actually kick Evil up in the ass.

Well, Hancock was not a usual Smith movie. Here, Hancock didn't even smile, and if you think the movie is all about him, you are dead wrong. Go and watch it yourself.


So, how much yesterday costed me?

RM1.50 (bus) + RM2.10 (PUTRA) + RM 1.00 (KTM) + RM1.00 (KTM) + RM2.30 (PUTRA) + RM4.50 (taxi)

RM2.50 (iced Milo) + RM5.00 (set 2Combo) + RM6.70 (Coke [small] and meatballs) + RM6.00 (Orange juice at Dunkin' Donut. Allahuakbar)

RM7 + RM7 [Wanted and Hancock]

RM1.20 (Harian Metro) + RM10 (top-up)


So, all in all, RM 58.70.

But does it worthy? All that I can say is
it worth every penny, man.

p/s: Bai, ko habis berape da??
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